Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2022 – Internet Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet, while also monetizing the content of your site and audience. 

Rankings of the Best Affiliate Marketing Websites and Blogs

With so many different websites and blogs on the internet today, we highlighted some of the best affiliate marketing sites for you to get started with below.


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1. Mobidea Academy

Site Review - Mobidea Academy is an award-winning affiliate marketing blog that features actionable tips and tricks in affiliate marketing training, media buying and SEO plus expert interviews, advice, reviews, tactics & How to guides.
Launch Date  -  Sep, 2005
Rank -  10,210

2. The Smart Passive Income Blog

Site Review - On the Smart Passive Income Blog, Pat Flynn shows you how he earns money online though real life case studies and experiments, revealing everything from wins, losses and his income from various sources, so that you can learn from his experience.
Rank -  12,207

3. Niche Pursuits

Site Review - If you want to make money online by focusing in on niche markets and using Google Adsense as your main monetization method, the Niche Pursuits blog from Spencer Hawes is exactly what you need. Take a look at the site and read up on his latest site building case studies and follow along to see…
Rank -  19,277

4. Matthew Woodward Blog

Site Review - Discover what it takes to find success in the world of affiliate marketing and blogging, by following Matthew Woodward in his latest online adventures. Be sure to read through his latest case studies, reviews and PPC guides.
Rank -  20,999

5. AffLIFT - Fastest Growing Premium Affiliate Community

Site Review - As one of the leading affiliate marketing forums, it's only fitting that they have a valuable blog as well. See what's happening in the world of affiliate marketing and more.
Rank -  29,447

6. STM Forum Blog

Site Review - STM is your ultimate guide to the affiliate marketing industry. In addition to having one of the largest private affiliate forums on the internet today, their website and blog is also loaded with useful information to help affiliates of all types in stepping up their game to the next level.
Rank -  37,951

7. I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online

Site Review - John Chow is best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking my blog from zero to over $40,000 per month in two years.
Launch Date  -  Mar, 2000
Rank -  60,591

8. – Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Site Review - Hi, I'm Charles Ngo. I understand how confusing affiliate marketing can be. I'm here to make it simple for you.
Launch Date  -  Apr, 2005
Rank -  79,250

9. High Paying Affiliate Programs

Site Review - When trying to make money in the world of affiliate marketing, it's important to always know what networks and platforms have the highest payout available. To learn more, take a moment to read through this authority site on the highest paying affiliate programs on the internet.

10. Affiliate Summit - Affiliate Summit is the premiere affiliate marketing conference.

Site Review - The top companies and key decision makers in the space come to Affiliate Summit. Show them what you've got and what they're missing.
Launch Date  -  May, 2003
Rank -  90,243

11. Outsourced Affiliate Program Management | Affiliate Marketing | AM Navigator

Site Review - AM Navigator provides an array of affiliate marketing services: from full service outsourced affiliate program management to co-management, affiliate program audits to marketing consulting.
Launch Date  -  Apr, 2006
Rank -  126,054

12. Discover How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Site Review - Zac Johnson has over 20 years of experience and success in the world of business and internet marketing. Follow his blog to start making money online.
Launch Date  -  Jul, 2000
Rank -  135,243

13. IAmAttila Affiliate Blog

Site Review - Expand your affiliate marketing knowledge and expertise by following along in the daily life of an affiliate marketer. That's exactly what you will find on the iAmAttila affiliate blog. Don't forget to read through his latest affiliate marketing case studies, expert interviews and more.
Rank -  182,260

14. Pat Flynn Blog

Site Review - Pat Flynn is a podcaster, entrepreneur, blogger and more. Discover what Pat is currently working on by following him through is personal blog.
Rank -  224,639

15. ShoeMoney – Skills to Pay the Bills

Site Review - ShoeMoney is an internet marketing blog written by Jeremy Schoemaker, an industry expert and veteran. Over the years, Jeremy has spoken at numerous events, while also being a sought after thought leader and entrepreneur.
Launch Date  -  May, 2004
Rank -  277,331


Site Review - Discover what it takes to launch and manage a successful affiliate program from an industry expert. This affiliate marketing and management blog is run by Dustin Howes, who has helped hundreds of brands and business not only launch affiliate programs, but also helped in increasing overall engagement and ROI across the board. This site and…
Rank -  905,668

17. Missy Ward Affiliate Marketing Blog

Site Review - Take a moment to read up on the latest happenings in the industry, while also learning about what Missy Ward is currently focusing her efforts on.
Rank -  1,412,720

18. Performance Marketing Manager

Site Review - If you are looking for the latest information and resources on affiliate program management, look no further than Performance Marketing Manager. This website and blog is dedicated to providing business and brand affiliate managers with the information, tools and resources they need to reach the engagement and ROI they've been looking for.
Rank -  1,486,110

Where to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Websites and Blogs

In order to find the best affiliate marketing blogs, it’s recommended that you visit each to see if they have the type of content you are looking for.

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