Best Art Blogs of 2022 – Artist Bloggers and Websites

We all love to enjoy art. If you are one of them, you should think about following the best art blogs that are available out there to consider. Then you can secure getting a perfect experience out of those art blogs. In fact, you can rediscover your love for art and take your imagination to the next level with the help of art blogs.

Reviewing the Top Art Websites and Blogs

Here is a list of 10 of the best art blogs available for anyone to follow in 2020. We believe that you will never end up with any regretful experience after following these art blogs. That’s because the art blogs cover a variety of interesting topics and you can get a perfect experience out of them.

ARTnews Magazine –

ARTnews Magazine is an art blog that is based upon United States. This can be considered as the most circulated and oldest art magazine that you can find out there in the entire world. This blog is referring to the art, trends and personalities. You can discover getting yourself exposed to the international world of art with the support offered out of this blog. You will be able to discover a visually stimulating package offered from the blog as well. On the other hand, news content with related to art from all around the world are delivered directly to you through this art blog. Hence, any art lover would enjoy everything that the blog will be able to offer.

Apollo Magazine –

Apollo Magazine is an international art magazine. People from all parts of the world can refer to the blog and get their hands on the art magazine. This is one of the most respected art magazines from across the world. Hence, you can get a similar experience out of the blog of Apollo Magazine as well. There are exciting content published on the magazine as well as the blog. This blog is covering a variety of topics, which include contemporary art to antique art. Any person who is into art will be able to refer to the blog and get the best experience delivered.

Aesthetica –

Aesthetica is a cultural magazine that highlights art. It offers some great content with related to art. This is quite an old magazine. In fact, the art magazine was discovered back in the year 2002 and it has come a long way since them. This magazine is exploring some of the best concepts of art and design. On top of that, you will be able to learn a lot about films and photography with the support offered out of the art magazine. It shares numerous exciting content with related to performance and music as well.

Artists Network Magazine –

Artists Network Magazine is a magazine that is designed for the professional artists from all around the world. You can discover lots of impressive content with related to art being shared out of this blog. You just need to refer to those impressive pieces of content shared out of the blog and get the exposure to art. Around two new blog posts are being uploaded through Artists Network Magazine on a weekly basis. You will be able to refer to those blog posts and learn more about real time events in the art industry.

Hi-Fructose Magazine –

Hi-Fructose Magazine is specifically designed for the people who are interested in new contemporary art. If you are a person who is interested in getting hold of emerging and unique art, you may take a look at Hi-Fructose Magazine. You will be exposed to them and you will be provided with the chance to get a perfect experience with such art out of this blog at all times. Some of the awe inspiring art from all around the world are presented to you through Hi-Fructose Magazine blog.

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine –

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine is a magazine that is dedicated to all the art enthusiasts around the world. If you are a person who wants to develop a deep connection with art, you should think about taking a look at this magazine. You can discover some innovative articles about art being published here on this magazine. The content that you can find on this magazine refers to contemporary art as well as historical art. On top of that, you can also find blog posts that are corresponding to the magazine posts on fine art being published here.


ART AND CAKE is an online magazine that is available for the art lovers and art enthusiasts. You can discover some interesting topics being discussed out of this blog. The main focus of ART AND CAKE is to discuss about contemporary art and highlight them. The ART AND CAKE blog is based in Los Angeles. This is not the most frequently updating blog. In fact, around new blog post is getting updated through ART AND CAKE blog on a daily basis.

thawilsonblock magazine –

The thawilsonblock magazine is a magazine that is based in Seattle, Washington. This is not an international magazine or a blog. That’s because it focuses only on arts with related to the local industry. If you are keen to explore the local industry and understand what comes along with it, this would be a good magazine available to follow. Through the blog, information with related to latest news around art in the region are shared. One of the best features that you can find in thawilsonblock magazine is the frequency of how it is getting updated. You can discover around 15 new posts being uploaded to the thawilsonblock magazine on a daily basis. Hence, you can keep on visiting this blog on a daily basis and you will have lots of new and interesting content to read.

First American Art Magazine –

First American Art Magazine is a magazine that is known to offer visual media, performing arts and a comprehensive art library. You will be able to gain access to it through the online web portal. A unique feature that you can discover in this blog is that it shares art content with related to the indigenous context of United States. If you are looking forward to get such specific artwork, you will be able to take a look at this blog. It will also act as a bridge in between the general public and academic art. Hence, you can learn a lot of new things about art that you didn’t know before by visiting this website.

City Arts Magazine –

City Arts Magazine is a magazine and an online blog available for the people who wish to create compelling stories with the help of art. You can discover lots of unique and exciting blog posts being shared out of this blog. However, this is a local art magazine. That’s because you can learn more about art in Seattle region by referring to the blog. If you are interested in understanding more about the local art, you will get addicted to this blog as well. That’s because content shared out of the blog is that much interesting.

Where to Find the Best Art Blogs

These are 10 of the best blogs available for any art lover out there. As an art lover, pick the best blog or blogs out of them to read and you will get addicted to the content.

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