Best Canadian Charity Blogs of 2022 – Helping Those in Need

Just like in all countries in the world today, charity work and non-profit organizations are also a party of daily life in Canada as well. Along with the struggles and pain points that many other countries have, CA has many of them as well.

Such needs for charitable services include homelessness, helping to supply those in need with food, clothing and finances. However, for all of this to happen, individuals and organizations of all types must contribute to those in need.

In order to help in this process, we wanted to provide a list the best Canadian based  charitable organizations and non-profit donation-based websites and blogs on the internet today.

Reviewing the Top Canadian Charity Websites and Blogs

Here is a list of 10 of the best Canadian charity and non-profit organization websites and blogs that you can discover new and exciting ways to contribute to agendas you are passionate about. If you want to learn more about CA charities, you may take a look at these blogs.

1. Canada Helps

Of the many different resource sites online for finding charitable organizations and events focused on those living in Canada, this web site is often at the top of the list. Canada Helps is Canada’s best destination for donating and fundraising online, while also being a completely free resource with more than $1.7 billion in donations being made from nearly three million Canadians.

2. WE Charity

In order to find success in the world of charitable efforts and fundraising, it’s important to make sure you have a longstanding history and ongoing efforts towards hitting your goals. WE Charity is one of the largest organizations in Canada, and has more than 25 years of experience and success in empowering youth to raise their voices and make a difference. Founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger, WE is a movement that strives to give young people and their teachers a platform and the tools to make a difference in both their own communities, and throughout the world.

3. Canada List of Charities

When looking for different organizations and charities in Canada, one of the best locations to start, is the official Government of Canada website. By using the search form on their site, anyone can scour through numerous listings to find which best fits their needs and end goals.

4. PETA Canada

While PETA is a name most people will immediately recognize, they do have separate divisions and goals that are targeted on different areas of the world. While animal abuse and hunger is something that takes place world wide, there are some localized events and missions that are more specific. This section of the PETA website highlights their many ongoing efforts in Canada.

5. Habitat for Humanity

As an extremely well-known charitable organization, Habitat for Humanity continues to bring communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership. With more financial, living and health events hitting people in different ways throughout the world, communities and families of all types and sizes are now in more need than ever before. This division of Habitat for Humanity is focused on all things Canada.

6. ME to WE

Many charitable organizations need to come up with unique ways to generate funds and resources to help those in need. ME to WE is a social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to do good through their everyday choices.

7. Macleans Top CA Charity List

Macleans is popular news and media outlet in Canada, which first got it’s start in 1905. In addition to covering the many different environment, government, political, world and current affairs, the site has also done some thorough research on different charitable groups as well. In this reference guide from 2019, MoneySense graded charities in Canada to find out which ones are the most transparent and efficient with donations, while Macleans shares the findings and results with anyone interested.

8. Charity Intelligence

As the saying on their website goes “Be Informed. Give Intelligently. Have Impact.” — it’s important to make sure you are always researching the latest findings on different charities in the world today. And that is exactly what you can do through a site like Charity Intelligence — which is currently used by more than 360,000 Canadians, thus researching and reading through more than 1.3 million charity reports annually.

Where to Find the Best Canada Charity Websites and Blogs

When looking for different charitable resources and organizations in the world today, be sure to consider your options with the sites above. Each of them are unique in their own way and can further help in solving many problems in the world today.

Also, if you enjoyed the content featured in our list above, feel free to skim through our survival guide blogs and traveling the world.

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