Best Cottage Blogs of 2022 – Home and Living Websites

If you want to transform your home into something unique, you will need to take a look at the prominent cottage and home décor trends that exist out there. This is where you should refer to the best cottage blogs that are available on the internet.

Reviewing the Top Cottage Websites and Blogs

Since doing a research on your own to locate the best cottage blogs on the internet is overwhelming, we thought of sharing a list of blogs that you will be able to refer to.

1. The Lettered Cottage –

The Lettered Cottage is a blog on lettered cottage building. This blog is managed from Alabama in United States, which is quite popular for cottages. Layla Palmer is the author behind this blog. She is also the founder of Sweet Home Alabama. When you are going through The Lettered Cottage blog, you will be able to discover a variety of posts with related to faith, family and home. In addition to that, the blog has a dedicated section where it discusses about fashion as well. The blog was launched back in the year 2008 and has a decent collection of content with related to cottage.

2. The Country Chic Cottage –

The Country Chic Cottage is a blog that shares a variety of projects with related to DIY home décor. One of the best things about DIY décor shared out of this blog is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get hold of them. All the ideas are practically possible for you to do at a tight budget. Hence, you will be able to receive all the support that you need to transform your home with the assistance of this blog. The blog is sharing all details about latest trends with related to home décor. All you have to do is to explore the blog and get hold of information shared out of it to transform your home into a better living space.

3. Sykes Cottages –

Sykes Cottages is one of the leading independent holiday letting agencies based in United Kingdom. As of now, they have around 7,000 cottages to be rent to the people in need. These cottages are available throughout the country as well. As a result, Sykes Cottages can be considered as an excellent place available on the internet for anyone to learn more about cottages. This blog is getting updated with around one new post per week.

4. French Cottage –

French Cottage is a lifestyle and inspired style blog that shares you with more information with related to cottage lifestyle in France. You may also consider this as a great lifestyle design blog. If you want to transform your outdoor living spaces, you will be able to refer to the content shared out of French Cottage. On the other hand, the blog is sharing content with related to dry makeovers, elegant decorating and inspirations as well. You can expect to find around 30 new blog posts getting uploaded to French Cottage per year.

5. Fox Hollow Cottage –

Fox Hollow Cottage is a blog that will provide you with the unique experience of taking part in a cottage tour. When you are going through this tour, you can expose yourself to a variety of DIY renovation projects. It is up to you to get inspiration that you want from those projects and transform your home into a similar space. There are lots of exciting project ideas and makeovers shared out of this blog. You can find around one new blog post getting uploaded to the blog on a weekly basis.

5. The Lilypad Cottage –

The Lilypad Cottage is a blog created for sharing all creative things. This blog was discovered by Kelly and she is managing it as of now. You can get lots of inspiration non how to transform your home into something creative through this blog. The ideas shared via the blog are practically possible for you to implement at your home as well. Around five new blog posts are getting uploaded to this blog per quarter. You can refer to them and get the best experience offered on your way.

6. The Wood Grain Cottage –

The Wood Grain Cottage is a blog about DIY home décor. All the blog posts shared through it are on the above-mentioned concept and you will not be able to find anything extraordinary being shared. You can discover a large number of project through this blog. All these projects have been completed by the team behind The Wood Grain Cottage. Hence, you just need to follow them and catch all the exciting experiences shared out of them. You will be able to cultivate happiness while you are trying out the DIY home décor projects that are shared out of The Wood Grain Cottage. You will be provided with the chance to complete all those projects under a tight budget.

7. The Mountain View Cottage –

The Mountain View Cottage is a blog on home décor and recipes. You can find affordable home décor through the blog, which you can try at the comfort of your home without spending fortune. On top of that, you can discover holiday home décor shared out of The Mountain View Cottage, which you will be able to try along with your kids. You can even figure out how to sell the home décor you create and earn a decent amount of money online through this blog. Hence, any person who is interested in starting a small scale business from the comfort of home will be able to take a look at this blog and proceed with the content.

8. The Red Painted Cottage –

You can receive inspiration for a large number of DIY creative projects while you are referring to the Red Painted Cottage blog. There are lots of decorating projects and art projects shared out of the blog. All the projects are friendly and you will be able to complete them at the comfort of your home. This blog will share some meaningful ideas for you to spend your leisure time and get the most out of it. You can also discover how to spend your time at the cottage during warm months of the year and enjoy your time through ideas that are shared out of this blog.

9. Cottage in the Oaks –

Cottage in the Oaks is a blog on how to be more creative with your cottage. If you are a person who loves handmade and vintage home décor, you will get addicted to the content that is shared out of Cottage in the Oaks. You can follow this as one of the most inspirational blogs that you can find out there on the internet as well. The handmade products that you can make with the help of Cottage in the Oaks can be used to enhance the look and feel offered by your home without keeping a doubt in mind.

10. White Lace Cottage –

Where to Find the Best Cottage Blogs

Any person who wants to learn how to decorate home on a tight budget will be able to refer to White Lace Cottage. The key difference that you can discover in White Lace Cottage blog is that it pays more attention towards vintage style home décor. You can find around six new posts getting uploaded to the White Lace Cottage blog per month.

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