7 Tips to Create the Perfect Whiteboard or Explainer Video for Your Brand

Whiteboard and explainer videos are great tools for your business. They are also great for blog content and creating compelling video tutorials through YouTube as well. It’s not just individuals and businesses who are getting in on the action, it’s content creators of all types.

In fact, according to recent statistics, it is one of the single most important tools you have today to create hype around your business.

The latest statistics reports that interactive whiteboards are steadily growing in popularity and have been doing so for the past ten years! Currently (as of 2019), Insivia reports more video content has been uploaded in a 30-day period than in the past 30 years! That’s amazing!

The study on the Impactbnd.com site goes on to say that there are no direct correlations between company size and the number of videos published. The latest statistic shows that some companies with annual revenue of less than $10 million in revenue are sometimes outperforming larger companies with a bigger budget for advertising.

This is substantial because it means that even small companies on a budget can produce top video content with the right tools.


How to Get the Right Tools

It’s evident that video is the key to getting the attention of your target audience. But what kind of video should you produce? Animations and whiteboard animations are the most popular type of videos with people today, and millions of them are online every day looking for content.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Explainer or Whiteboard Video

So, if you are on a budget and you want to create a whiteboard explainer video for your audience, where do you start? How do you know what to say or how to do it right? The following seven tips may help you, based on what successful companies are doing today to get their video noticed.

1. Publish often.

One of the things many business owners miss is the fact that they need to publish regular content if they are going to get the attention of their audience and keep them coming back. Getting repeat listeners and viewers are the key to success with your video campaigns.

2. Create value

The ability to create value for your brand shines through in a well-produced explainer video. You can create this value in many different ways including the following:

  • Products and services
  • Customer service
  • Free content
  • Offering solutions to their problems

All of the above can be used to create value. If you focus on products and services, you can build value for your brand by talking about the specific ways your products and services help make their lives better. Saving people time and money, increasing their chances of success, or just being helpful can all be seen as valuable to your target audience.

If you focus on your customer service, you can talk about how you are always there to help your customer when they need assistance. People tend to be more loyal to businesses and brands who support their customers when they need help.

Offering free content, especially helpful tips can help encourage viewers and increase your brand followers.

Finally, offering solutions for customer concerns or problems can go a long way toward increasing your customer loyalty and brand popularity.

You can use all of these angles from time to time, but it is recommended by most professionals that you only focus on one at a time in your video content.

3. Be original.

You can get lots of ideas from others who are utilizing whiteboard or explainer video techniques but make sure you are original in your thinking. Creating unique content that resonates with your target audience is the most important thing you can do to draw attention to your brand.

4. Tell a good story with whiteboard animation.

One of the reasons whiteboard video works so well is that it takes the viewer through a storyline in a logical, organized fashion that seems to be “in real time.” Even though the video was created at another time, when people watch your videos, they feel that they are watching the story you are telling unfold in real time. This helps keep their interest to the end if you have a good story.

Building an interesting storyline can start with graphs or charts, infographics, or pictures, anything that grabs the interest of your viewers. But to keep them interested through the explainer video so that they will see it all, you need to keep them engaged by presenting information that is valuable and new.

To find out what your customers want, look at your customer service emails, social media posts, and complaint board. Focus in on what is important to them, then focus some of your video content on these topics. If it is important to your clients, it should be important to you.

5. Use Whiteboard for systematic processes or sales presentations

Before you start with the production of your video, it is important to think about the goal of each and every video you produce. No matter what format you choose, whiteboard or character animation, what do you want your viewers to focus on?

If creating an explainer video is your goal, you should include the following in each one:

  • Important information told in an engaging matter
  • Content that resonates with the viewer
  • Presentation of a problem and solution
  • Illustrating why your brand is best

All of the above are important but don’t forget to focus on one thing at a time. If your purpose is to get more subscribers to your newsletter, for example, create a whiteboard video that takes the viewer through the various aspects of your newsletter or that shows them the value of it.

Then include a call-to-action that asks them to join your subscription list.

If your goal is to get people to buy from your website, you should show pictures and video of your products and how they help people make their lives better in some way.

Remember an important point about product presentations. When explaining what a product can do for them, remember that people purchase more for what the product can do for them, rather than the product itself.

6. Keep Them Coming Back

Remember that the ultimate goal of your explainer video should be to keep people coming back to your site or blog regularly. When producing your video content, make an announcement at the end as to when your next video will be, so that people will be looking for it. Also announce it on social media sites and blogs and spread the word through email and newsletters whenever you produce new content.

7. Keep it simple

When creating your explainer videos or whiteboards, keep it simple. Go over the most important things in the process that you want people to know and don’t dwell too much on the technical aspects. This can make your video boring to people who are not that deep into the process of it. Remember many people watch your content to learn more about a product, your brand, or how something works.

Provide an answer to their problem by showing them in simple terms how to use a product in a way that will benefit them.

If you are creating an explainer video about your brand, focus on the mantra of your company, not just your products.

Marketing is showing off your products and services, but branding is proving value for your company. Focus on your branding in your videos, even when you are illustrating a process or service.

Preproduction planning is the key to success when creating explainer videos. Whether you use the whiteboard, talking head, or character animation, focus on your script and your message first. Then locate a great video production team to help you put it together.

It may be the best thing you do for your branding.

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