Retro Revival: Dress Like an ’80s Style Icon in 2023

There’s no denying that ’80s fashion is making a comeback. From neon colors and bold prints to acid-washed denim and power suits, the iconic trends of the decade are once again taking center stage in the fashion world. But how can you embrace the ’80s style without looking like you stepped out of a time machine? In this section, we’ll show you how to dress like an ’80s style icon in 2023, incorporating retro fashion trends into your wardrobe to create a unique and modern look.

dress like the 80s

  • Dressing like the ’80s is a fun way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.
  • Embracing iconic ’80s trends like power suits, neon colors, and denim can help create a unique and modern look.
  • Accessories like chunky jewelry and scrunchies were essential to ’80s fashion and can be incorporated into contemporary outfits.
  • ’80s hairstyles and makeup were bold and daring, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Finding authentic ’80s-inspired pieces can be easier than you think, with online and physical stores offering vintage clothing and retro fashion items.

Embracing the ’80s Aesthetic

The ’80s fashion is all about excess, glamour, and power dressing. It was a time when bold colors, flashy prints, and exaggerated silhouettes ruled the style scene. To truly embrace the ’80s aesthetic, you need to channel the spirit of iconic fashion icons like Madonna, Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson.

To recreate ’80s attire, think big, brash, and unapologetically loud. Whether you’re going for a casual or dressy look, make sure to incorporate key elements of retro fashion like neon colors, oversized jackets, and bold accessories.

If you’re unsure where to start, turn to the fashion icons of the time for inspiration. For example, for men’s fashion, look to stars like Don Johnson from Miami Vice, while fashion icons like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were known for their eclectic and daring fashion sense that included neon colors, fishnets, and layered clothing.

Clothes from the 80s were about making a statement and using fashion as a way to express yourself. If you want to embrace the ’80s aesthetic, choose clothes that make you feel confident and powerful. Remember, fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different styles.

Embracing the ’80s Aesthetic:

Key Elements of ’80s Fashion: Examples:
Neon colors and bold prints Image related to neon colors and bold prints.
Incorporate neon colors into your outfits through accessories like sunglasses, belts, and shoes. Mix and match bold prints like polka dots, stripes, and checks to create an eye-catching outfit.
Power suits and statement shoulders Image related to power suits and statement shoulders.
Power dressing was all the rage in the ’80s, with women donning oversized blazers and men sporting shoulder pads. For a modern take on these trends, choose a structured blazer or dress with shoulder details to add a touch of retro glamour to your outfit.
Acid-washed denim and high-waisted jeans Image related to acid-washed denim and high-waisted jeans.
High-waisted jeans are a staple of ’80s fashion. Look for styles with tapered or straight legs and pair them with off-the-shoulder tops and chunky jewelry for a chic retro look.
Layering and accessories Image related to ’80s accessories.
Layering was a key trend of the ’80s, so don’t be afraid to play around with different textures and colors. Add chunky jewelry, scrunchies, and statement belts to complete your look.
’80s hairstyles and makeup Image related to ’80s hairstyles and makeup.
From the iconic mullet to neon eyeshadow, the ’80s were all about bold beauty looks. Experiment with crimped hair, big curls, and bright lipstick to add an extra touch of ’80s nostalgia to your outfit.

Remember, ’80s fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself. By embracing the ’80s aesthetic, you’ll be sure to turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

Statement Shoulders and Power Suits

The ’80s was the era of power dressing, and statement shoulders and power suits were the epitome of this trend. Iconic fashion icons like Princess Diana and Joan Collins were often seen sporting this look, and it became a symbol of female empowerment.

To recreate this trend in 2023, opt for structured blazers with exaggerated shoulders. This will instantly create a strong silhouette and make a statement. Alternatively, you can look for blouses or dresses with shoulder pads to add some boldness to your outfit.

Power suits were also a must-have in the ’80s, and they are still relevant today. Choose a suit with tapered pants and a fitted blazer to create a sophisticated look. For a modern twist, swap the classic white shirt for a bold-colored blouse or statement tee.

If you want to add some ’80s edge to your wardrobe without going all out, consider incorporating statement shouldered blouses or jackets into your outfits. These pieces can easily be paired with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a more subtle nod to the trend.

80s fashion statement shoulders and power suits

  • Choose jackets with shoulder pads that hit at the top of your natural shoulder for the most flattering fit.
  • Avoid pairing statement shouldered tops with wide-leg pants or skirts to avoid overwhelming the silhouette.
  • Balance the top-heavy look by pairing statement shoulders with slim-fit bottoms.
  • For a casual look, pair a statement shoulder top with denim shorts or cropped jeans.

Neon Colors and Bold Prints

The ’80s were all about bright colors and bold prints that made a statement. From neon green to hot pink, these eye-catching hues can add a playful touch to any outfit. Bold patterns like geometric shapes, stripes, and animal prints were also popular during this time.

To incorporate neon colors and bold prints into your ’80s-inspired look, start with small pops of color or patterns. A neon statement accessory like a belt or bag can add a fun touch to an outfit without being too overwhelming. For a subtle nod to the ’80s, try adding a bold print scarf or shirt under a blazer.

If you’re feeling daring, go all out with a neon or patterned dress or jumpsuit. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with neutral accessories to balance out the bright colors and prints.

Neon colors and bold prints in '80s fashion

When incorporating neon colors and bold prints into your outfit, keep in mind the color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel, like green and purple, create a complementary contrast that can make your outfit pop. If you’re new to wearing neon, start with one item and pair it with neutrals like black, white, or beige.

When it comes to prints, remember to balance them out with solid pieces. For example, if you’re wearing a patterned top, pair it with solid pants or skirt. Another tip is to mix prints that have a similar color scheme, like a black and white striped shirt with a black and white polka dot scarf.

Overall, neon colors and bold prints are a fun way to add some ’80s flair to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your outfit choices!

Acid-Washed Denim and High-Waisted Jeans

If there’s one thing that screams ’80s fashion, it’s acid-washed denim and high-waisted jeans. These iconic styles are still relevant today and can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe for an edgy and retro touch.

Style Tips:
  • Choose a pair of high-waisted jeans that fit comfortably around your waist and hips.
  • For acid-washed denim, opt for a lighter wash with a subtle fade for a more modern take on the trend.
  • Pair high-waisted jeans with a crop top or tucked-in blouse to accentuate your waist.
  • You can also layer a blazer or oversized sweater over your high-waisted jeans for a more sophisticated look.

When it comes to acid-washed denim, you can take inspiration from ’80s fashion icons like Madonna and Cindy Crawford and pair it with a graphic tee or bold-colored top. For a more subtle approach, opt for acid-washed denim jackets or skirts and pair them with neutral colors.

High-waisted jeans and acid-washed denim can be found in many vintage and second-hand stores. They’re also available at many modern retailers, so you can easily find a pair that fits your budget and style.

Acid-washed denim and high-waisted jeans

Layering was a key trend in the ’80s, and it’s still a popular way to add interest and depth to an outfit. Start with a basic t-shirt or tank top and add layers like a denim jacket, oversized blazer, or chunky knit sweater. In keeping with the ’80s aesthetic, don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns for a bold and eclectic look.

Accessories are also an essential element of ’80s fashion. Chunky jewelry, like large hoop earrings and statement necklaces, were everywhere in the ’80s and are still a popular choice today. Belts, like a wide waist-cinching style or chain-link belt, can help define your waist and add interest to your outfit. And who could forget the trusty scrunchie? These retro hair accessories are making a comeback and are perfect for adding a playful touch to your outfits.

Layering Tips:

  • Experiment with different textures and materials like leather, denim, and faux fur.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, but keep the color palette cohesive.
  • Layer different lengths and proportions for added interest and depth.
  • Make sure each layer can stand alone as its own outfit.

Accessory Tips:

  • Choose statement jewelry to add a pop of color and interest to your outfit.
  • Belts can be worn with dresses, blouses, and oversized outerwear to cinch in your waist and create a more defined silhouette.
  • Scrunchies come in a variety of colors and materials, and can be worn in a ponytail or as a trendy wrist accessory.

retro accessories

The ’80s were known for their bold and daring hairstyles and makeup looks. From big hair to colorful eyeshadow, these styles were all about making a statement. If you want to truly embrace the ’80s fashion and style, you’ll need to master the art of ’80s hair and makeup.

When it comes to hairstyles, the key is volume. Teased hair, big curls, and crimped styles were all popular looks of the era. To achieve these styles, invest in some quality hair products like volumizing mousse and hairspray and don’t be afraid to tease your hair to new heights.

For makeup, think bold and bright. Neon eyeshadow, bold lipstick, and heavy eyeliner were all staples of ’80s makeup. To achieve these looks, invest in quality makeup products in vibrant colors and experiment with different techniques to create a fun and bold look.

If you need some inspiration, look to iconic ’80s celebrities like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Princess Diana. They were known for their daring hairstyles and makeup looks and can give you some ideas for your own ’80s-inspired look.

80s style makeup

If you want to fully embrace the ’80s fashion trend, it’s essential to incorporate some genuine vintage pieces into your wardrobe. Not only does vintage clothing add an authentic touch to your outfit, but it also has a unique charm and quality that’s hard to find in modern fashion.

One of the best places to find ’80s-inspired pieces is at your local thrift store or vintage shop. These stores often have a wide selection of retro clothing and accessories, including neon-colored windbreakers, acid-washed denim jackets, and oversized blazers. Plus, shopping secondhand is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to upgrade your wardrobe.

Online vintage stores are also a great resource for finding ’80s-inspired pieces. Websites like Etsy and Depop have a vast selection of vintage clothing, and you can easily search for specific ’80s fashion trends like shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans, and statement jewelry.

When shopping for vintage pieces, it’s essential to know what to look for. Authentic ’80s clothing will often have unique color combinations, oversized silhouettes, and bold patterns. Look for labels and tags that date back to the ’80s and check for any wear and tear that may compromise the quality of the clothing.

Finally, if you’re not quite ready to commit to full-on vintage clothing, incorporating retro-inspired pieces into your wardrobe is a great way to dip your toes into the ’80s fashion trend. Many contemporary fashion brands have been influenced by the ’80s, and you can find modern pieces with an ’80s edge, like oversized blazers, acid-washed denim, and neon-colored accessories.

vintage clothing

Now that you have a good understanding of 80s fashion, it’s time to put together your own unique ’80s-inspired looks. Whether you want to go all-out with neon colors and bold prints or prefer a more subtle nod to the era with a power suit or high-waisted jeans, there are plenty of ways to incorporate ’80s style into your wardrobe. Here are some tips and outfit ideas to get you started:

Occasion Outfit Inspiration
Casual Day Out
  • High-waisted acid-washed jeans paired with a graphic t-shirt and chunky sneakers
  • A denim jacket with oversized shoulder pads over a colorful printed dress
  • 80s inspired casual outfit

Night Out
  • A bold-colored power suit with statement shoulders and metallic heels
  • A form-fitting mini dress in a neon hue with chunky jewelry and scrunchie for the hair
  • 80s inspired night out outfit

  • A tailored blazer with oversized shoulder pads paired with high-waisted tapered pants
  • A midi-length dress with a bold print and chunky heels
  • 80s inspired work outfit

Remember, the key to embracing ’80s style is to have fun with it and make it your own. Experiment with different elements, mix and match patterns and colors, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Whether you choose to dress head-to-toe in ’80s attire or add just a touch of retro flair to your outfit, embracing your inner ’80s style icon is a fun and stylish way to express yourself.

Embracing Your Inner ’80s Style Icon

Now that you have all the tools to dress like an ’80s style icon, it’s time to channel your inner fashionista and create your own unique look. Remember, the ’80s were all about individual style and self-expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your fashion choices.

One way to start is by incorporating ’80s-inspired pieces into your everyday wardrobe. You can mix and match vintage clothing with modern pieces to create a unique look that’s all your own. Some ideas include pairing a vintage graphic tee with high-waisted jeans or adding a neon accessory to a contemporary outfit for a pop of color.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

The ’80s were a time of bold and daring fashion choices, so embrace the spirit of the era and don’t be afraid to stand out. Experiment with bright colors, bold prints, and statement accessories to create a look that’s uniquely you. Whether you’re heading to a party or just running errands around town, let your style shine and show off your individuality.

Make It Your Own

While the ’80s may have been known for certain fashion staples like shoulder pads and acid-washed denim, it’s important to remember that fashion is all about personal style. Don’t feel like you have to stick to any strict rules or guidelines when it comes to dressing like an ’80s style icon. Instead, take inspiration from the era and make it your own.

Whether you’re layering different pieces or mixing and matching prints and patterns, the key is to have fun and express yourself through your style choices. Who knows, you might just inspire others to embrace their inner ’80s fashionista too!

So go ahead and channel your favorite ’80s style icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Princess Diana. Whether you’re rocking a power suit, acid-washed denim, or neon accessories, remember to embrace your inner ’80s style icon and let your unique fashion sense shine.

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