Popular E-Commerce Platforms Software Solutions and Reviews

With more people starting their own online businesses to sell more, and more established brands focusing their efforts online, the need for ecommerce platform solutions keeps growing daily. However, before jumping forward with the first solution you find, it’s important to know what’s out there.

For example, there are many different types of E-Commerce platforms software solutions to choose from — whether they are in-house, online or managed through an outside company. In this article will cover WooCommerce, Shopify, FastSpring, and more. All of the listed solutions are great, but what makes one better than the other?

Keep reading to learn more, and then you can make an educated decision on what solution is built for your needs, while also fitting within your budget.

What is E-Commerce Platforms Software?

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, businesses need an online store and a marketplace. Customers rely on the internet to shop and research products, and these tools allow businesses to reach customers everywhere. Ecommerce platforms help businesses sell products online, manage inventory, and calculate taxes. These tools also help businesses respond to customer queries quickly. The following are some of the most important benefits of eCommerce platforms. Investing in an eCommerce platform will improve customer service and retention.

Shopify is an award-winning ecommerce platform. Experts and business owners alike have voted it the best platform. Shopify is a feature-rich solution that can help build both an online store and an offline retail business. With this software, you can build a mobile-friendly store, choose from professionally-designed themes, and import large catalogs with ease. The platform also supports automated email marketing and provides integration with social media platforms.

Shopify E-Commerce Platform

If you have a small business, Shopify could be the right solution for you. Shopify is used by small to mid-size businesses with less than 10 employees. It provides a powerful online storefront and enables merchants to automate everything from marketing to inventory tracking, billing and shipping logistics. Its robust features will keep you on top of your business. Here’s a closer look at the features and benefits of this software.

Customization: One of the best features of Shopify is its ability to be customized and integrated with other apps. This means that you can add extra features and functionality to your shop without any difficulty. Security and reliability are another major advantage. As your store’s customer information is sensitive, Shopify must be available online and secure. As a hosted solution, Shopify is available around the clock, and any upgrades and maintenance are done for you.

Inventory: You can manage inventory with Shopify’s stock-keeping unit, or SKU. SKU is a number or letters that are associated with each product. It helps you keep track of stock and the next number of products in your inventory. It also helps you track customer feedback and leads. If you run out of a particular product, you can quickly send a text message or an email to customers. The Shopify Inbox app makes it easy to reply to queries and capture leads. It even supports Instagram messages.

WooCommerce E-Commerce Platform

Whether you need to manage inventory, sell merchandise, or both, WooCommerce is the right tool for the job. The platform’s customizable backend and plugins give you complete control over the way your store operates. However, these features can slow down the front end experience and make it difficult to manage traffic spikes. If you’re planning on building a large eCommerce site, WooCommerce is one of the best solutions.

WooCommerce makes taxes easy, with pre-built features. You can specify taxes for each country, and display inclusive or exclusive tax rates based on your location. You can even restrict tax rates by email address and product type. Another major benefit of WooCommerce is that it integrates with other leading payment gateways, including PayPal, so that your store can accept all major credit cards. This allows your customers to pay in different currencies without worrying about the currency conversion.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, with 60% of market share. WordPress is an excellent choice for WooCommerce sites, due to its reliable CMS and significant content organization architecture. WooCommerce is secure and simple to use. If you’re looking to increase your business, consider installing a WooCommerce plugin. These add-ons can improve your store’s appearance, increase conversions, and improve your marketing efforts. There are also several extensions available through the WordPress repository site. These add-ons can add up fast and cost money.

FastSpring E-Commerce Platform

You can choose from the three levels of the FastSpring E-Commerce Platform Software Solution. The first plan allows you to set up your ecommerce store on a small scale. You can then scale your business up as your sales increase. You can also customize your package to include options such as promotional discounts, trial periods, and multiple payment methods. If you’re still not sure if FastSpring is the right fit for your business, you can request a quote through the website.

Despite its impressive feature set, the FastSpring E-Commerce Platform Software Solution is still overkill for small businesses. The platform’s price is expensive and comes with a hefty learning curve. While many users like the platform, some find it hard to justify the high price tag. You may be selling software or digital services, in which case the features may make sense. But if you’re running a traditional ecommerce site, a more affordable solution may be necessary.

BigCommerce E-Commerce Platform

If you have a small online business and are looking for a powerful software solution, BigCommerce might be right for you. With free trial periods and unlimited API calls, you can try the platform for 15 days before making the decision to purchase. You can also make changes without committing to a monthly fee, so you can see how the software works before spending a dime. There are many benefits to choosing BigCommerce, including flexibility, speed, and a variety of integrations.

Inventory management is another advantage of BigCommerce. Using the inventory management feature, you can monitor product and variant stock levels at a glance. The system also lets you assign custom fields to staff members, which can then receive email alerts whenever items run out of stock. BigCommerce is the only software solution that allows this, and it’s free. The best part is, it’s also compatible with most payment methods, including credit card and PayPal.

Ecwid E-Commerce Platform

The Ecwid E-Commerce Platform Software Solution provides everything you need to run your own online store. Its features include the ability to cross sell items on social media, accept payments from Google, and offer paid Google ads. You can even create branded apps for your customers. And, with over 50 integrations, you can customize the look of your store to fit your brand. It’s also flexible enough to help you run a wholesale pricing group.

There are four types of accounts available from Ecwid. You can choose the type of account you need based on the number of products you plan to sell, the functionality you need, and the amount of support you want. You can also get a discount if you purchase an annual plan. There are no set-up costs with Ecwid. Those who need technical support can turn to the Ecwid help desk for help.

Salesforce Commerce for B2C

When it comes to popular e-commerce platforms, Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud is one of the best options. Designed for B2B and B2C companies, Salesforce offers tools that integrate all sales channels, including social media and web stores. This powerful platform also helps businesses manage a large number of guest shoppers. Additionally, it includes tools for marketing, customer service, and order fulfillment. With over 4,000 pre-integrated applications in its App Store, Salesforce is the best solution for most businesses.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines eCommerce, order management, and offline store operations into one solution. Though it’s best suited for B2C, Salesforce hasn’t fully expanded its offerings to include B2B online vendors. Einstein, Salesforce’s proprietary AI recommender system, can help personalize shopping experiences by gathering more information and using artificial intelligence (AI).

Vendasta E-Commerce Platform

Vendasta E-Commerce Platform Software Solutions offers an end-to-end platform for selling digital products and software to SMBs. With a variety of tiered service offerings, Vendasta gives channel partners access to cutting-edge technology. Channel partners include marketing agencies, media companies, independent software vendors, and value-added resellers. The Vendasta wholesale marketplace is comprised of various components, including advertising, content & experience, insurance, listings, reputation, SEO, and social media.

Vendasta offers free tools, powerful upgrades, and expert support. Their platform also allows businesses to scale via automated processes. Each client is assigned a single login and integrated dashboard to easily manage information and solutions. As an added benefit, Vendasta offers free trials, which give businesses a chance to see ROI quickly. They are a preferred technology partner among small businesses and can also serve as a B2B solution provider.

In addition to offering cloud-based e-commerce software, Vendasta also offers marketing services to help businesses market their products. Vendasta’s marketing team offers a range of plans, from do-it-yourself to fully managed ecommerce solutions. Vendasta also offers white-labeling for all its products and services. It is easy to integrate Vendasta’s platform with existing web or social media sites.

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