Fernando Schoenwald Bio, Age, and Net Worth in 2023

Fernando Schoenwald

Fernando Schoenwald is a Mexican Instagram Star, born on June 26, 1979. He is married to soap opera actress Bárbara de Regil. Fernando Schoenwald’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fernando Schoenwald is a popular Mexican Instagram Star
  • He was born on June 26, 1979
  • He is married to soap opera actress Bárbara de Regil
  • His net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2023

Early Life and Career

Fernando Schoenwald’s journey began on June 26, 1979, in Mexico. Growing up with a passion for law and the construction industry, he pursued a degree in law, specializing in the legal aspects related to construction and real estate. This foundation would later become instrumental in his professional development and entrepreneurial ventures.

While his expertise in law provided a solid background, Fernando’s true breakthrough came when he embraced the world of social media. Building a strong presence on Instagram, he captivated audiences with his charismatic personality and captivating content. As his followers grew, so did his opportunities.

Not content with just being an Instagram star, Fernando took his entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. He founded Loving It, a company focused on producing vegan supplements and protein powder. This venture showcased his commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and provided a platform to share his knowledge and passion.

The Creation of Loving It

“Loving It was born out of my desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” Fernando shares. “I wanted to create products that aligned with my values and beliefs, while also helping others achieve their fitness goals.”

Through Loving It, Fernando has not only extended his reach in the health and wellness industry but has also demonstrated his skills as a businessman. The company continues to expand its product line, offering a range of high-quality supplements appreciated by fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Embracing Success and Inspiring Others

With a growing social media following of over 520 thousand loyal fans, Fernando has not only achieved personal success but has also become an influential figure in the world of fitness and fashion. His dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and his impeccable sense of style has inspired many to embark on their own fitness journeys and embrace their unique fashion choices.

As Fernando Schoenwald continues to make waves in the industry, he remains committed to both personal and professional growth. Constantly seeking new ventures and opportunities, he is determined to leave a lasting impact on the lives of others and inspire them to live their best lives.

Personal Life and Family

Fernando Schoenwald’s personal life is marked by his relationship with soap opera actress Bárbara de Regil. The couple tied the knot in 2017 and has been going strong ever since. They have a beautiful daughter named Mar de Regil, whom Fernando legally adopted. The family of three shares a close bond and often shares their special moments on social media.

While Fernando has been open about his marriage and fatherhood, there is limited information available about his parents or siblings. However, his wife, Bárbara, comes from a well-known family. She is the daughter of Barbara Alfaro and Guillermo Alejandro de Regil Camet.

Despite the lack of details about Fernando’s immediate family, his commitment to his wife and daughter is evident. He often expresses his love and adoration for them through heartwarming posts on his Instagram account, showcasing the importance of family in his life.

Family Member Relation
Fernando Schoenwald Husband/Father
Bárbara de Regil Wife/Mother
Mar de Regil Daughter


“Family is everything to me. My wife and daughter bring immense joy and love into my life. They are my biggest source of inspiration and motivation. I am grateful every day for the wonderful family we have.” – Fernando Schoenwald

“Being a father has changed my perspective on life. I now understand the true meaning of unconditional love and the importance of creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.” – Fernando Schoenwald

Net Worth and Success

Fernando Schoenwald has built a successful career as an Instagram personality and entrepreneur, which has contributed to his impressive net worth of $5 million. He has achieved widespread recognition through his engaging content on social media and his business ventures in the real estate market. With over 520 thousand followers on Instagram, Fernando has established himself as a prominent figure in the fitness and fashion industry.

His Instagram account, @ferschoenwald, serves as a platform for him to share his fitness advice, lifestyle tips, and modeling shots. His dedication to fitness and fashion resonates with his audience, who are inspired by his workout routines and dietary choices.

In addition to his social media presence, Fernando Schoenwald has ventured into the business world with the creation of his company, Loving It. The company specializes in producing vegan supplements and protein powder, catering to health-conscious individuals. With his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for wellness, Fernando has successfully expanded his business and created a strong brand presence.

Looking ahead, Fernando Schoenwald continues to pursue opportunities in the real estate market and aims to further grow his personal brand. As he expands his product line at Loving It, he remains dedicated to providing high-quality vegan supplements and protein powder for his customers. With his determination and drive, Fernando is poised to achieve even greater success in the future.

Social Media Presence

Fernando Schoenwald has built a strong social media presence on Instagram, where he goes by the username @ferschoenwald. With over 520 thousand followers, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the online community. Through his carefully curated posts, Fernando engages his audience with a variety of content, including fitness advice, lifestyle inspiration, and modeling shots.

One of the highlights of Fernando’s Instagram feed is his dedication to fitness. He regularly shares his workout routines, showcasing different exercises and providing tips to help his followers stay active and healthy. His posts often feature him in action, demonstrating proper form and technique. These fitness-related posts have resonated with his audience, as many aspire to achieve a similar level of physical fitness.

In addition to fitness, Fernando also shares insights into his personal life and experiences. He gives his followers a glimpse into his daily routine, sharing moments from his travels, meals, and interactions with friends and family. His authenticity and relatability have earned him a loyal following, as his audience feels a personal connection with him.

With his well-curated content and engaging personality, Fernando Schoenwald’s social media presence continues to grow, attracting individuals who are inspired by his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and his dedication to personal growth. Through his posts, he has created a community of like-minded individuals who look up to him for inspiration and motivation.

Future Projects and Endeavors

Fernando Schoenwald is an ambitious individual who is constantly seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth. While he has already achieved great success as an Instagram personality and entrepreneur, he continues to explore future projects and endeavors.

One of Fernando’s primary focuses is his company, Loving It, which is expanding its product line. He is passionate about providing vegan supplements and protein powder to promote a healthy lifestyle. With his dedication to fitness and wellness, Fernando aims to create products that align with his values and resonate with his audience.

In addition to his work in the health and wellness industry, Fernando remains involved in the real estate market. He sees it as a promising avenue for future growth and success. With his expertise in legal aspects related to construction and real estate, Fernando is constantly seeking new ventures and investment opportunities.

Overall, Fernando Schoenwald’s future is bright and full of exciting prospects. Whether it’s expanding his company or exploring new opportunities in real estate, he is determined to make a positive impact and continue his journey towards success.

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