Best Hip Hop Blogs of 2022 – Rap Artist Music Websites

Hip hop is popular in 2020 than ever before. If you are one of the hip hop fans, you can easily get overwhelmed with lots of news about the industry circulating out there as well.  This is why it is worthy to look for a blog that can provide you with latest updates from the hip hop industry and your favorite fans. On the other hand, you will also be able to learn more about what to expect in the future within hip hop industry as well.

Reviewing the Top Hip Hop Music Websites and Blogs

Here are the 10 best hip hop blogs that we could discover out there. As a hip hop fan, you should check out these blogs. They will provide you with the chance to keep everything that is happening in the hip hop industry under your radar at all times.

1. New Hot Hip Hop

New Hot Hip Hop is a blog that has been designed to empower hip hop artists. In fact, it has created an ideal environment, where the artists will be able to showcase their latest contributions to the industry. As a fan, you will be able to experience them. It is one of the best platforms available on the internet to learn more about up and coming hip hop artists and what they are capable of contributing towards the community. In the meantime, the fans of New Hot Hip Hop blog will also be able to stay up to date about the hottest and latest hip hop singles.

2. XXL Mag

XXL Mag is one of the oldest blogs on hip hop. In fact, this blog was discovered back in the year 1997. For more than two decades, the blog has been able to maintain a strong reputation through the delivery of latest news and information across the industry. Another great thing about XXL Mag is that it is featuring the best hip hop artists on a regular basis. Hence, you can keep up to date about your favorite hip hop artists while following the content shared through the blog. There is an online store attached to XXL Mag, which you can access to purchase your favorite hip hop merchandise.

3. HipHopDX Magazine

HipHopDX Magazine is a blog that shares hip hop news that is taking place around the world. If you don’t want to limit yourself to the hip hop industry in your country, but you are keen to explore what’s happening out there in the world, HipHopDX Magazine is the ideal blog available to visit. Apart from sharing latest hip hop news, HipHopDX Magazine is sharing content with related to music criticism as well. You will be able to learn everything about latest updates in the industry through this blog. On the other hand, the blog shares interviews from popular hip hop artists around the world as well.

4. The Source

The Source is a blog that shares details about the recognizable source of hip hop. In other words, people who are interested in learning more about leading international hip hop artists will be able to take a look at The Source. The blog shares some interesting information with related to the vibrant hip hop culture that exists around the world. Apart from music, the blog shares details about fashion associated with hip hop culture as well.

5. Rap Up

Rap Up is one of the reputed online magazines on hip hop. If you are looking forward to get latest information and news from the industry, this is the blog that you need to visit. It was discovered back in the year 2001. As a hip hop lover, you will get attracted to Rap Up because of all the beautiful and interesting content shared on it. It will share latest information from the industry as well and you will immediately fall in love with them.

6. Bossip

Bossip is not a blog that is dedicatedly created for hip hop lovers. However, it is a blog that any hip hop lover can visit because of the nature of content being shared. In fact, the content gives more priority towards hip hop content. Therefore, you will have lots of content to read throughout the blog. The blog focuses more on the personal lives of hip hop artists. Hence, you can uncover lots of information about your favorite hip hop artists, which you didn’t know before.

7. Spice on the Beat

Spice on the Beat is a hip hop blog, which is maintained by one of the most popular hip hop bloggers named Shaana. By profession, she is a make up artist and a freelance. However, she has a unique passion towards the hip hop industry. That’s where she is sharing some great content from across the industry. As a fan, you can refer to Spice on the Beat and you will be provided with the chance to experience all the outstanding content shared by her.

8. All Hip Hop

All Hip Hop is a blog that is dedicated towards hip hop industry. You can call this as the oldest and the largest continuous blog, which is related to the urban culture and hip hop industry. In fact, All Hip Hop blog was discovered back in the year 1997. As of now, you will be able to discover a dedicated social networking site that runs inside All Hip Hop. It will share lots of valuable and interesting content, which can impress the hip hop lovers around the world. Hip hop enthusiasts as well as music lovers from different parts of the world have already joined their hands with All Hip Hop. Apart from reading blog posts that are shared on All Hip Hop, you will be able to sign up with the social media network and share interesting content with related to the industry along with others who have joined with it.

9. is a blog that any person can visit in order to learn latest information with related to the hip hop industry. Apart from focusing only on hip hop music, is sharing a decent amount of information related to rap music as well. On top of that, people can also take a look at for getting latest urban news. The content shared on are reliable and you will be able to refer to the content and make decision based on them without keeping any doubts in mind. You can also find some exclusive content about hip hop being shared through this blog as well.

10. Okayplayer

Okayplayer is a popular progressive music website that you can find out there on the internet. It is also a great platform available for the hip hop lovers to uncover latest news and information from across the industry as well. An exciting feature that you can find in Okayplayer blog is that it is sharing news and content about the mainstream hip hop culture as well as underground hip hop culture. Therefore, fans who follow Okayplayer blog will be able to uncover some unique facts, which are not shared through the mainstream hip hop blogs available on the internet.

Where to Find the Best Hip Hop Blogs

If you are a hip hop lover, we believe that you must visit at least one of these blogs and keep yourself updated about the industry. It is something that you must do apart from listening to good music.

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