Hodge Twins Age – How Old are Hodge Twins?

Hodge Twins age

Have you ever wondered about the age of the Hodge Twins? Keith and Kevin Hodge, popularly known as the Hodge Twins, have been entertaining their audience for years with their hilarious comedy sketches, insightful political commentary, and fitness expertise. In this article, we will explore the age of the Hodge Twins and delve into their fascinating journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, were born on September 17, 1975.
  • As of 2023, they are 48 years old.
  • Their zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • They celebrate their birthday on the same date each year.

Hodge Twins Height and Weight

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, are known not only for their entertaining YouTube videos and political commentary, but also for their impressive physical stature. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters), they command attention wherever they go. Their towering presence is further accentuated by their well-built and muscular bodies, weighing around 93 kg (205 lbs).

With their dedication to fitness and a strict workout routine, the Hodge Twins have sculpted physiques that showcase their hard work and commitment. They are often seen flexing their biceps and flaunting their chiseled abs, inspiring many of their loyal followers to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

However, it’s worth noting that their height and weight are not the only factors contributing to their fitness journey. Their focus on following a well-balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise plays a vital role in their overall fitness and physique. The Hodge Twins serve as motivation for those who aspire to achieve a similar level of physical fitness and have helped many individuals on their own fitness journeys.

Overall, the Hodge Twins’ height, weight, and dedication to fitness make them an inspiration to many. Their towering presence and sculpted bodies serve as a testament to their hard work and dedication in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Table: Hodge Twins Height and Weight Overview

Keith Hodge Kevin Hodge
Height 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters) 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters)
Weight 93 kg (205 lbs) 93 kg (205 lbs)

Hodge Twins Net Worth

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin, have built a successful career as YouTubers, stand-up comedians, and political commentators. Their endeavors have not only garnered them a massive following but also a substantial net worth. As of 2023, the Hodge Twins’ combined net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.

Their primary source of income comes from their YouTube channels, where they have amassed millions of subscribers and views. Their channels, such as HodgeTwins, AskHodgeTwins, and Conservative Twins, have provided a platform for them to share their unique perspectives on various topics, including fitness, comedy, and politics.

In addition to their YouTube success, the Hodge Twins earn money through live stand-up comedy shows, where they entertain audiences with their witty humor and relatable anecdotes. They have performed in different countries, expanding their reach and fanbase beyond the online platform.

Moreover, the Hodge Twins have capitalized on their popularity by collaborating with brands and endorsing products. Their strong presence on social media platforms allows them to connect with their followers and promote merchandise sales, further enhancing their financial success. The twins’ dedication, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit have undoubtedly contributed to their impressive net worth and continued prosperity.

Hodge Twins Family and Early Life

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, were born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia, USA. They grew up in a financially challenging environment, which instilled resilience and determination in them from a young age. Despite the hardships, they managed to pursue their education and eventually became successful in their chosen career paths.

Keith and Kevin have two elder siblings, a brother, and a sister, who have also played a significant role in their lives. The twins have always been close to their family and attribute their success to the support and love they received from their parents and siblings. They often mention their family members in their YouTube videos and share stories about their upbringing, creating a sense of relatability with their audience.

Early Challenges and Upbringing

The Hodge Twins’ childhood was filled with challenges, but they learned valuable life lessons that shaped their character. Growing up in a financially difficult situation, they developed a strong work ethic and a determination to improve their circumstances. They knew that education was their ticket to a better future and focused on their studies while also working part-time jobs to support themselves. Their strong family values and the support of their siblings played a crucial role in their journey.

The twins’ upbringing taught them the importance of perseverance and never giving up on their dreams. This resilience is evident in their approach to life and work. They have often mentioned how their early experiences shaped their values, instilling in them the belief that hard work and determination can overcome any obstacle. Today, they serve as an inspiration to their followers, showing that success is possible with the right mindset and a supportive family.

Family Background Childhood Upbringing
Financially challenging environment Dealing with hardships Resilience and determination
Close relationship with siblings Strong work ethic Focus on education and improvement
Support from parents and family Part-time jobs to support themselves Value of perseverance and never giving up

Through their journey, the Hodge Twins have shown that one’s background does not determine their future. Their commitment to their goals, family values, and unwavering determination have made them the successful individuals they are today.

Hodge Twins Career in YouTube

Keith and Kevin Hodge, known as the Hodge Twins, have made a significant impact in the world of YouTube. Their journey on this platform began in 2008 when they uploaded their first video, and since then, they have experienced tremendous success. Through their multiple YouTube channels, including HodgeTwins, AskHodgeTwins, and Hodgetwins Vlogs, they have amassed millions of subscribers and views.

The Hodge Twins’ content covers a wide range of topics that appeal to a diverse audience. They started with fitness videos, sharing their expertise and workout routines to inspire and motivate others. Over time, they expanded their content to include comedy sketches and political commentary. Their unique blend of humor, knowledge, and engaging personalities has attracted a devoted fanbase.

One of the reasons behind the Hodge Twins’ popularity on YouTube is their ability to connect with their audience. They actively engage with their viewers through interactive question-and-answer sessions, addressing topics of interest, and sharing personal anecdotes. Their authenticity and relatability have fostered a strong sense of community, allowing them to build a loyal following.

Hodge Twins YouTube Channels

  • HodgeTwins: This is the main channel where the Hodge Twins share a variety of content, including fitness videos, comedy skits, and vlogs about their daily lives.
  • AskHodgeTwins: On this channel, the Hodge Twins answer questions from their viewers, providing advice and insights on a wide range of topics.
  • Hodgetwins Vlogs: This channel offers behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, and glimpses into the personal lives of Keith and Kevin Hodge.

A Sample Table:

Channel Name Content No. of Subscribers
HodgeTwins Fitness, Comedy, Vlogs 6 million+
AskHodgeTwins Question-and-Answer, Advice 2 million+
Hodgetwins Vlogs Behind-the-Scenes, Personal 1 million+

Hodge Twins Wife and Kids

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin, are not only successful YouTube stars and political commentators, but they are also dedicated husbands and fathers. Both twins have found love and built families of their own.

Keith Hodge has been happily married to his best friend, Elizabeth, for 18 years. They share a deep bond and have three beautiful children together. Their marriage is a testament to their strong connection and commitment to one another.

Similarly, Kevin Hodge has also found love and settled into a family life of his own. Although he has chosen to keep his wife’s name private, their love story has stood the test of time. Kevin and his wife have been married for several years and are proud parents to four children.

Both Keith and Kevin prioritize their roles as husbands and fathers, cherishing the love and joy their families bring to their lives. Their dedication to family values is evident in the way they talk about their wives and children, showcasing their deep love and appreciation for them.

Table: Hodge Twins Family

Keith Hodge Kevin Hodge
Wife Elizabeth Private
Marriage 18 years Several years
Children 3 4

Hodge Twins Fitness

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin, are not just popular YouTube stars and political commentators, but they are also certified fitness trainers. With their impressive height and muscular physiques, they have become an inspiration for many fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Through their YouTube channels and social media platforms, the Hodge Twins regularly provide fitness advice, workout videos, and tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They emphasize the importance of a balanced diet and consistent exercise to achieve and maintain a fit and strong body.

“Fitness is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good and taking care of your overall well-being,” says Keith Hodge.

“We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their fitness goals. It’s all about discipline, consistency, and finding what works best for your body,” adds Kevin Hodge.

The Hodge Twins’ fitness approach combines strength training, cardio exercises, and functional movements to build muscle, increase endurance, and improve overall fitness levels. They believe in a holistic approach to fitness, focusing not only on physical strength but also on mental and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Following Hodge Twins Fitness Tips
– Increased muscle mass and strength
– Improved cardiovascular health and endurance
– Enhanced flexibility and mobility
– Boosted energy levels and overall well-being
– Reduced risk of chronic diseases
– Better sleep quality and mental clarity

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the Hodge Twins’ fitness advice and workout videos can help guide you on your fitness journey. Remember, consistency and dedication are key to achieving your goals, and with their guidance, you’ll be on the right track to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Hodge Twins Comedy

When it comes to comedy, the Hodge Twins know how to bring the laughs. They have carved out a successful niche as stand-up comedians, captivating audiences with their unique style and humor. Their comedy shows are filled with witty observations, hilarious anecdotes, and relatable storytelling that keeps their fans entertained from start to finish.

With their magnetic stage presence, the Hodge Twins have performed in numerous countries, spreading laughter to audiences around the world. From the UK to Australia, their comedic talents have transcended borders, earning them a global following. Their ability to connect with people through laughter is a testament to their comedic prowess and universal appeal.

What sets the Hodge Twins apart is their comedic style, which blends a mix of personal experiences, social commentary, and clever wordplay. They tackle a wide range of topics, touching on everything from relationships to pop culture and everything in between. Their ability to find humor in everyday situations and deliver it with impeccable timing is what makes them stand out as comedic powerhouses.

So, if you’re looking for a night filled with laughter, make sure to check out the Hodge Twins’ comedy shows. You’ll be guaranteed a memorable and hilarious experience that will leave you wanting more.

Hodge Twins Political Commentators

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin, have established themselves as prominent political commentators, known for their conservative views and insightful political analysis. Through their YouTube channels and other platforms, they actively engage in political discussions, offering their perspectives on current events, social issues, and political matters.

With their charismatic personalities and unique approach, the Hodge Twins bring a fresh perspective to political commentary. They fearlessly express their conservative views, tackling controversial topics with thoughtfulness and conviction. Their ability to break down complex issues into digestible segments has garnered them a dedicated following who appreciates their genuine and upfront style of discourse.

One of the reasons why the Hodge Twins have resonated with their audience is their ability to present their political analysis in a relatable and accessible manner. They have a knack for breaking down intricate policies and ideologies, making them easier to understand for viewers who may not be well-versed in politics. Their candid discussions encourage critical thinking and foster meaningful conversations among their followers.

The Hodge Twins’ unique blend of humor and political commentary has made them stand out in the crowded media landscape. They use their comedic background to inject light-heartedness into serious topics, making their content engaging and entertaining. Their witty remarks and sharp observations not only keep their audience entertained but also help spark curiosity and engagement with political issues.

Hodge Twins Personal Facts and Trivia

When it comes to the Hodge Twins, there’s more to know beyond their age and career success. Let’s dive into some interesting personal facts and trivia about these charismatic brothers.

First and foremost, before their YouTube fame, Keith and Kevin Hodge served in the Marine Corps. Their military background instilled discipline and a strong work ethic that later contributed to their success in various endeavors.

Another remarkable aspect of the Hodge Twins’ lives is their commitment to helping others. They have used their social media platforms to raise funds for their cousins’ children’s medical expenses, displaying their compassion and dedication to supporting their loved ones in times of need.

Lastly, the Hodge Twins have been happily married for over 15 years. Keith is married to his best friend, Elizabeth, while Kevin has chosen to keep his wife’s name private. Their long-standing marriages showcase their commitment to their families and serve as a testament to their strong values.


How old are the Hodge Twins?

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, were born on September 17, 1975, making them 48 years old as of 2023.

What are the height and weight of the Hodge Twins?

The Hodge Twins stand tall at 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters) and weigh around 93 kg (205 lbs).

What is the net worth of the Hodge Twins?

The Hodge Twins have amassed a net worth of over $4 million as of 2023.

What is the family background of the Hodge Twins?

The Hodge Twins were born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia, USA. They have two elder siblings, a brother, and a sister.

When did the Hodge Twins start their YouTube journey?

The Hodge Twins started their YouTube journey in 2008.

Are the Hodge Twins married and do they have kids?

Keith Hodge is married to his best friend of 18 years, Elizabeth, and they have three kids. Kevin Hodge is also happily married and has four children, although he has kept his wife’s name private.

What is the fitness background of the Hodge Twins?

The Hodge Twins are certified International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) trainers and focus on fitness. They have appeared on the cover of Train magazine.

Do the Hodge Twins engage in stand-up comedy?

Yes, the Hodge Twins have ventured into live stand-up comedy shows and have performed in various countries, including the UK and Australia.

What are the Hodge Twins known for in terms of political commentary?

The Hodge Twins have established themselves as conservative political commentators. They provide their perspectives on current events, social issues, and political matters.

What are some interesting facts about the Hodge Twins?

Some interesting facts about the Hodge Twins include their service in the Marine Corps before pursuing their YouTube careers, their efforts to raise funds for their cousins’ children’s medical expenses through social media, and their long-standing marriages of over 15 years.

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