Best Horse Racing Blogs of 2022 – Horse Racing Websites

Horse racing is one of the most popular performance sports that you can find around the world. If you are a fan of horse racing, you will come up with the need to learn more about it. This is where the best blogs written on horse racing will be able to assist you with. You can discover a large number of blogs that have been written on the topic of horse racing. If you can refer to these blogs, you will not just be able to get some valuable information about the sport.

Reviewing the Top Horse Racing Websites and Blogs

These blogs will also be sharing some informative content on the latest news on horse racing as well. We will be sharing 10 such blogs that any person who has an interest on horse racing will be able to follow.

1. BloodHorse | Thoroughbred Horse Racing

BloodHorse | Thoroughbred Horse Racing is a blog that is written for horse racing enthusiasts by the professionals. You can discover lots of information about horse racing as well as on breeding news by referring to this blog. In every single week, the blog shares informative blog posts on trainers, breeders and owners. Apart from that, BloodHorse | Thoroughbred Horse Racing blog is a good place available to learn more about horse racing facilities located around the world as well. Detailed analysis of horse racing events available in the blog will help the fans to learn more about what happened in action.

2. Paulick Report

Paulick Report is a dedicated blog on horse racing. It is covering information about all the horse racing events that take place within the country. On top of that, people who refer to this blog will be able to get up to date information about industry news. They include bloodstock, racing, people and businesses. Moreover, Paulick Report shares some useful content on horse care, breeding and horseplayers as well. A large number of posts are shared on Paulick Report blog within a day. On average, you can expect to have more than 21 new blog posts.

3. America’s Best Racing

America’s Best Racing is a blog that provides a complete picture of horse racing in United States. You can easily enhance the knowledge that you have with related to horse racing within the country by referring to the blog. They include numerous topics, which range from horse races to parties. One of the best features in America’s Best Racing blog is that it shares uncovered information with related to horse racing. This is another frequently updated blog. That’s because around four new blog posts are published out of it on a daily basis.

4. Timeform

Timeform is a blog dedicated towards the support of people who bet on horse racing. You will be provided with lots of useful and valuable tips that you can follow to make informed decisions out of horse racing. Apart from horse racing, Timeform blog is sharing tips with related to greyhound racing as well. Betting advices shared out of Timeform blog are proven to deliver positive returns to the followers. Around 12 new posts get uploaded to this blog on a daily basis.

5. Geegeez

Geegeez is a blog that is designed to deliver information about the UK horse racing industry. You can call this as the most prominent independent horse racing blog within the country as well. The blog shares lots of valuable information on how to take advantage over the available tools to proceed with horse betting. Moreover, the blog shares latest UK race cards, horse racing news, tools and tips. The blog articles shared through this blog are informative and they are capable of enhancing the knowledge of people who go through content.

6. Coral News Horse Racing

Coral News Horse Racing is another horse racing blog that is based in the UK. Most of the people visit this website with the objective of getting their hands on latest horse racing news. Apart from news, the blog shares details with related to in-depth previews as well. There are interviews and features from trusted experts shared at Coral News Horse Racing blog. Around three new posts are being shared out of this blog on a daily basis as well.

7. Horse Racing Ireland

Horse racing is quite popular in Ireland. If you are keen to learn more about horse racing in the country, you may take a look at Horse Racing Ireland. This is not a traditional blog, but a video blog. Blog posts are shared in the form of videos. The videos are crated based on numerous topics with related to horse racing and they are informative. Horse Racing Ireland is one of the oldest blogs as well. It was created and managed by National Authority for Horse Racing within the country. 

8. The Roar Racing

The Roar Racing blog shares more details with related to horse racing in Australia. People who wish to get live horse racing event coverage within Australia will be able to refer to content shared out of the blog. On top of that, it is also possible to find lots of informative horse racing news content shared out of the blog. The horse racing match analysis completed by experts at The Roar Racing are useful. They will provide a great assistance to the people who are keen to go ahead with betting. As a blog that gets updated on a regular basis, you can expect to find at least two new posts in The Roar Racing blog on a daily basis.

9. RaceBets Blog

RaceBets Blog is a blog dedicated for horse racing, which is based in Germany. If you are a fan of horse racing and if you are from Germany, this is the ideal blog available for you to follow and get all the information that you wish to receive. It is also important to note that RaceBets Blog is officially owned by German Racing. Hence, you can receive exclusive content out of the blog. The RaceBets Blog is not just available for the use of people who come from Germany. It offers content that is suitable for people who live in 40 different countries out there in the region. The RaceBets Blog was lunched in the year 2016. The blog shares around 30 new blog posts on a yearly basis.

10. Just Horse Racing

As the name suggests, Just Horse Racing is a blog that is dedicated only towards horse racing. This blog is based in Australia as well. People who come from Australia, who wish to get their hands on daily horse racing tips will be able to take a look at the informative blog posts shared on the blog. This blog is sharing around 26 different blog posts on a daily basis. Hence, you will be able to easily get your hands on horse racing news from all around the country by referring to it. Just Horse Racing is a newly launched blog. However, the popularity of this blog is increasing rapidly along with time.

Where to Find the Best Horse Racing Blogs

If you have an interest in getting into horse racing, these blogs will be able to provide assistance to you with becoming a pro. On the other hand, the blog posts in these blogs are informative as well and they will be able to share lots of valuable information about industry and latest news.

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