Managed WordPress Hosting Giveaway delivers enterprise features focused on high-performance WordPress Hosting using Edge Data Centers, CloudFlare Enterprise, and a finely tuned delivery system that focuses on scaling content, not PHP!

Effortless deployments include a WordPress control panel and On By Default features that include CDN, WAF, SSL, Malware Protection, Full-Page Caching, Daily Backups.  With built in speed, security & proactive protection you’ll be able to eliminate costly plugins which save money and reduce bloat!

The Speed Test 

To showcase’s service, they’ve built a special Speed Test tool based off GT Metrix that provides you with the opportunity to see how your site would perform utilizing full-page caching on CloudFlare premium network.  

  • Step 1:  The speed test is going to clone your website and place a temporary copy of it onto the platform.
  • Step 2:  The speed test will then run a GT Metrix speed test and provide you with an overview of performance.
  • Step 3: You’ll likely run the test 3-4 times, as the initial run and distribution to 200+ location takes a few minutes (called the warm up period)
  • Step 4:  Instant results will be provided to give you real analytics on how your site would perform using’s platform. & Giveaway

What does’s Speed Test and this giveaway have in common?  You can earn entries by checking it out and seeing how your website will perform on  Earn more points by checking out both and on social media, taking a poll, or referring friends to play along. & are giving away two great prizes, which include 1-Year Hosting at and a Moon Kit by  The Moon Kit is your chance to swab your cheek and send your DNA to the moon in 2021.

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Enter Now 

The contest is available through 12/28/2020.

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