How Tall Is Trae Young: Measuring NBA Talent

When it comes to measuring talent in the NBA, height often plays a significant role. So, how tall is Trae Young, and does his height impact his performance on the court? In this article, we delve into the details of Trae Young’s height and explore how it affects his game.

how tall is trae young

Key Takeaways:

  • Trae Young’s official height is 6’1″ (1.85m), as measured at the 2018 NBA draft.
  • Despite being smaller than the average NBA guard in terms of height and weight, Young compensates with exceptional skill and basketball IQ.
  • His smaller stature doesn’t limit his impact on the court, as he utilizes a variety of offensive moves to lead the Atlanta Hawks’ offense.
  • Trae Young’s height compares to successful NBA players such as Isaiah Thomas, Chris Paul, and Muggsy Bogues.
  • Height is not the sole determinant of success on the court, and Trae Young’s rise to stardom is a testament to that.

Smaller Than Average Height, Bigger than Average Skill

Despite being smaller in stature, Trae Young displays an incredible amount of skill and offensive ability. He utilizes a combination of unstoppable floaters and long-range bombs to lead the Atlanta Hawks’ offense. While his height may be a disadvantage in some aspects of the game, his talent and basketball intelligence make up for it.

Young’s ability to navigate through taller defenders and create scoring opportunities sets him apart from his peers. His quickness and agility allow him to drive to the basket with precision, and his exceptional shooting range keeps opponents on their toes. Standing at 6’1″, Young proves that being smaller in height does not limit one’s impact on the court.

In fact, Young’s size may even work to his advantage at times. His low center of gravity and ability to change direction quickly make him a nightmare to guard. He uses his smaller frame to slip through narrow gaps and find open teammates, highlighting his exceptional court vision. Young’s size also allows him to get into passing lanes and disrupt opponents’ offensive strategies.

While the NBA may be dominated by players with towering heights, Trae Young’s skill set and determination have made him a force to be reckoned with. He consistently proves that size does not define a player’s ability to excel in the league. As he continues to develop and refine his game, Young’s impact will only grow, and his height will become less and less of a factor in his success on the court.


“Size doesn’t matter. It’s the heart, the determination, and the skills that make a difference on the basketball court.” – Trae Young

Young’s journey is a testament to the fact that height is just one aspect of the game. While it may provide certain advantages in certain situations, it is ultimately a player’s skill, dedication, and basketball IQ that determine their success. Trae Young has proven time and time again that he can compete at the highest level, despite being smaller than the average NBA player. His accomplishments and impact on the court speak for themselves, and it’s clear that he is a force to be reckoned with, regardless of his height.

As the NBA continues to evolve and players of all heights showcase their abilities, it’s important to remember that greatness comes in all sizes. Trae Young’s story inspires aspiring basketball players around the world to believe in themselves and their abilities, regardless of their physical attributes. In the end, it’s all about the love for the game and the relentless pursuit of excellence that truly defines a player’s greatness.

Player Height
1 Trae Young 6’1″
2 Isaiah Thomas 5’9″
3 Chris Paul 6’0″
4 Muggsy Bogues 5’3″

Trae’s Early NBA Career: Doncic Trade, Playoff Pushes, and some Drama

Trae Young’s journey in the NBA began with a historic draft day trade. In 2018, the Atlanta Hawks acquired Young from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Luka Doncic, who was highly regarded as one of the top prospects. It was a bold move that raised eyebrows, but it ultimately set the stage for Young to make his mark in the league.

Young wasted no time in proving his worth. In just his third NBA game, he put on a sensational performance, scoring 35 points and dishing out 11 assists. It was a clear statement that he belonged in the league and was ready to make an impact. His early success continued as he was named to the All-Rookie First Team and earned a spot in the NBA All-Star Game.

Despite Young’s individual achievements, the Atlanta Hawks have yet to replicate their success in terms of team performance. While Young has been the driving force behind the team’s offense, leading them to some impressive victories, the lack of upgrades from the front office has left him disappointed. He has expressed frustration with the organization’s failure to surround him with the necessary talent to make a playoff push.

Trae’s Early NBA Career: Doncic Trade, Playoff Pushes, and some Drama

Throughout his early NBA career, Trae Young has shown that his height is not a limiting factor. While he may be smaller than the average NBA player, his skill, tenacity, and basketball IQ have allowed him to overcome any disadvantages. He has proven to be a dynamic scorer and playmaker, with the ability to take over games and make his teammates better.

As Young continues to develop and mature, it will be interesting to see how his career unfolds. With his talent, work ethic, and determination, there’s no doubt that he has the potential to become one of the league’s brightest stars. The key will be for the Atlanta Hawks to build a team around him that can maximize his abilities and compete at a high level.

Growing Up and His High School Career

Trae Young, born in Lubbock, Texas, comes from a basketball family. His father, who played basketball at Texas Tech, served as his mentor and helped shape his love for the game. Young attended Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma, where he quickly established himself as a rising star.

Throughout his high school career, Young showcased his exceptional talent and skills on the court. In his senior season, he averaged an impressive 42.6 points per game, capturing the attention of basketball fans and scouts alike.

Despite his smaller stature, Young’s ability to dominate games with his scoring and playmaking abilities set him apart from his peers. His high school success would serve as a springboard for his future achievements in the basketball world.

Trae Young’s High School Stats:

Season Points per Game Assists per Game Rebounds per Game
Freshman 16.8 3.0 2.1
Sophomore 34.2 4.6 4.6
Junior 36.1 8.6 4.1
Senior 42.6 5.8 4.1

These impressive numbers highlight Young’s ability to score at will and create opportunities for his teammates. It is clear that his height did not hinder his performance on the court, as he consistently stood out as one of the top players in his high school conference.

Moving on to the University of Oklahoma

Trae Young’s basketball journey continued at the University of Oklahoma, where he made a significant impact during his freshman season. Despite his smaller stature, Young’s talent and skills continued to shine on the court.

During his time at Oklahoma, Young averaged an impressive 27.4 points per game, breaking the conference’s all-time record for most points scored by a freshman. His ability to score from anywhere on the court, combined with his exceptional court vision, made him a force to be reckoned with.

Young’s success at Oklahoma earned him numerous accolades, including being named a consensus All-American First Team player. He was recognized alongside other standout players such as Deandre Ayton and Marvin Bagley. Young’s performances captivated audiences and solidified his reputation as one of the top prospects in the country.

Throughout his college career, Young’s listed height was 6’2″. While his height may have been a topic of discussion, it did not hinder his ability to dominate games and leave a lasting impact on the college basketball scene.

trae young height

Notable Achievements at the University of Oklahoma

  • Set the NCAA Division I record for most assists in a season with 279.
  • Selected as the Big 12 Player of the Year.
  • Received the Wayman Tisdale Award for the nation’s top freshman.

Comparison of Trae Young’s Height in Feet and Inches

Height Feet Inches
Trae Young’s Listed Height 6 2
Average NBA Player Height 6 7
Trae Young’s Height Difference 5

“Height is just a number. It’s about how you play the game and the impact you have on your team. I don’t let my height define me, I let my game do the talking.” – Trae Young

Trae Young’s time at the University of Oklahoma showcased his ability to overcome challenges and excel on the basketball court. His impressive performances and accolades established him as a top prospect heading into the NBA.

Trae Young’s Growth Spurt: When Did He Get Taller?

Trae Young, despite his smaller stature, experienced a growth spurt during his high school years. His height increased by 2 inches in his junior year, and by the time he entered the University of Oklahoma, he was listed at 6’2″ (1.88m). This growth spurt undoubtedly played a role in enhancing his physical capabilities on the basketball court.

Throughout his career, Young’s height has been a topic of discussion, as he is shorter than the average NBA player. However, his growth spurt allowed him to reach a height that is more in line with the expectations for professional basketball players. This increase in height likely contributed to his ability to compete with taller opponents and improve his overall game.

It’s worth noting that Trae Young’s growth spurt occurred during a crucial period in his development. High school years are often a time of significant physical changes, and Young’s increased height may have provided him with an advantage in terms of strength and athleticism. This growth spurt, combined with his exceptional skill and basketball IQ, has contributed to his success in the NBA.

Year Height
High School Freshman 5’9″ (1.75m)
High School Sophomore 5’11” (1.80m)
High School Junior 6’1″ (1.85m)
University of Oklahoma 6’2″ (1.88m)

How Does Trae Young’s Height Impact His Game?

Trae Young’s height, or lack thereof, does present challenges in certain aspects of his game. Standing at 6’1″ in a league where the average height is taller, he often faces difficulties finishing at the rim against taller defenders and defending against bigger opponents. However, Young has found ways to overcome these challenges and thrive on the court.

One of his strengths is his low center of gravity, which allows him to maintain balance and control when navigating through the defense. Combined with his exceptional ball-handling skills, he can create separation and find open opportunities to shoot or pass. Young’s quickness and agility also play a significant role in his ability to elude defenders, making it difficult for them to stay in front of him.

While his height may limit his effectiveness in certain situations, such as contesting shots or guarding taller opponents, Young compensates with his basketball IQ and understanding of the game. He excels at reading the defense, making quick decisions, and finding open teammates. Despite his smaller stature, he has proven to be a dangerous playmaker and a potent offensive threat.

trae young height comparison

Overall, Trae Young’s height does have an impact on his game, but it does not define his abilities or hinder his success. His skill set, quickness, and basketball intelligence enable him to make a significant impact on the court, regardless of his height. Young has proven that size is not the sole determinant of success in the NBA, further solidifying his status as one of the league’s most exciting young talents.

How Does Trae Young’s Height Compare to Other NBA Players?

While Trae Young may stand at a height of 6’1″, which is shorter than the average NBA player, it is important to note that height alone does not determine a player’s impact on the court. Many successful NBA players of similar stature have proven that size does not limit talent. Some notable examples include Isaiah Thomas, Chris Paul, and Muggsy Bogues, who all achieved great success in the league.

In terms of height comparison, Trae Young’s smaller stature may present challenges in certain aspects of the game, such as finishing at the rim against taller defenders or defending against taller opponents. However, Young compensates for his height disadvantage with his exceptional quickness, skill, and basketball IQ. These attributes enable him to excel in ball handling, creating opportunities for his shot, and making precise passes.

Young’s ability to overcome his height disadvantage is a testament to his determination and work ethic. He has proven that size is not a hindrance to success on the basketball court. With his incredible offensive ability, Young has emerged as one of the league’s most exciting young stars, dazzling fans with his scoring prowess and playmaking skills.

Comparing Trae Young’s Height to Other NBA Guards:

Player Height Notable Achievements
Isaiah Thomas 5’9″ NBA All-Star, 2x All-NBA
Chris Paul 6’0″ NBA All-Star, 9x All-NBA, 4x assists leader
Muggsy Bogues 5’3″ NBA All-Defensive Second Team

As seen in the table above, Trae Young’s height is comparable to other successful NBA guards. Despite his smaller stature, Young’s talent and skillset have propelled him to elite company within the league. He has proven that size is not a determining factor when it comes to making an impact on the game.

Ultimately, Trae Young’s height serves as a reminder that talent, determination, and basketball IQ are the true factors that contribute to success on the court. Young’s ability to overcome his height disadvantage has solidified his status as one of the NBA’s brightest young stars, and he continues to prove that he belongs among the league’s elite players.

Conclusion – Overcoming Height to Shine on the Court

Despite not being the tallest player in the NBA, Trae Young has proven that height is not a barrier to success on the basketball court. His 6’1″ stature may be smaller than the average NBA player, but it has not hindered his rise to becoming one of the league’s most exciting young stars.

Young’s exceptional quickness and skill set have allowed him to excel, showcasing his ability to maneuver around taller opponents and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. His basketball IQ is evident in his decision-making and playmaking abilities, making him a formidable force on the court.

While it’s true that Trae Young’s height may present challenges in certain aspects of the game, such as finishing at the rim against taller defenders, he has found ways to overcome these obstacles. His low center of gravity and lightning-quick footwork enable him to navigate through tight spaces and create separation, making him a difficult player to guard.

In the end, Trae Young’s height has not defined him as a player. Instead, it has served as fuel for his drive to succeed and prove that skill and determination can outweigh physical attributes. As he continues to make his mark in the NBA, Young’s ability to overcome his height and shine on the court will continue to inspire aspiring basketball players around the world.

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