What Makes Kajabi an Ideal Platform for Online Business Success

In the world of internet business and success stories, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. For example, have you heard about Jon Acampora?

While launching his own online business ten years ago, Jon was working full time as a financial analyst. Today, he has a six-figure e-learning business to his credit, and he hasn’t held a corporate “day job” since 2016.

An award-winning trainer, Jon shares tools, tips and techniques to help people around the world improve their spreadsheet skills via his Excel Campus brand. You can easily find his articles, videos and online courses all over the web and social networks. And Jon credits the Kajabi platform as having played a pivotal role in enabling him to build an online business worth $900k.

Jon Acampora is just one of all those entrepreneurs who have used Kajabi’s all-in-one solution to set up, manage and drow successful online businesses. There are plenty more Kajabi success stories like these already – and many more to come.

You too can plan to start an online business and earn thousands of dollars in profits. Creating a successful online business is not a matter of chance. In fact, there’s a proven series of steps that you can follow to launch an online business and grow and turn it into the next success story.

Here’s how to get started.

Identify a Great Business Idea

Jon’s target audience is anyone who either uses Excel frequently or wants to learn and improve Excel skills. If you have a talent or an area of expertise that people can benefit from, you too can set up an online business like Jon did.

To get started, you first need to find a specific need and then fill that need. All you need to make sure of is that the market or the niche that you choose to cater to is likely to be profitable.

The rest of your success depends on building a user-friendly website, creating conversion-oriented landing pages, writing persuasive sales copy, publishing and promoting content that attracts the audience you’re after, gaining qualified email subscribers at a fast rate, nurturing those leads, having the ability to accept payments from them, maintaining good relationships with customers and delivering value to them.

Yeah, it can be a lot. But that’s exactly where Kajabi can prove to be the ideal platform. Kajabi is where you can find all the branding, marketing and conversion tools that you need to win as an entrepreneur.

Get to Know Your Stack

Kajabi is an amazing “knowledge commerce” solution, which you can leverage to launch, market and monetize your online course or digital product.

Using all that Kajabi has to offer, you can turn your unique talent into a product and go “from zero to hero” within a couple of months. Kajabi has definitely come a long, long way since the day it was launched. Today, Kajabi has a multitude of new tools and features that continue to empower entrepreneurs all over the world.

Once your online business gets off the ground, things start to get more complicated. This is when you need a host of third-party software and have to deal with a range of tech and getting it all work together well.

The goal of Kajabi is to eliminate the complexities of building an online business while saving you lots of money. The all-in-one platform has all the required capabilities in-built so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Whether you want to sell an online training program, offer consulting services, onboard paying membership subscribers, or simply start a blog, you can do all these and much more from inside Kajabi itself.

Here’s a quick look at how you can benefit from Kajabi.

Create a Website

While having a website is a prerequisite for an online business, the safety, security and the stability of the website is a serious concern. While you are on Kajabi, you can create a modern, attractive, professional website without having to mess with any code.

You can choose from an array of easily customizable templates for fast and flawless website creation.

The sites hosted here load extremely quickly – even rich media elements like high-definition video lessons and clips. And at all times, you can rest assured that your website is fully safe against any kind of malicious intrusion.

Craft Landing Pages

Landing pages serve a wide variety of purposes. You can use landing pages on your websites to collect email addresses, run a survey, give away coupons, or to offer an e-book or other type of lead magnet.

Overall, landing pages help you gain more subscribers and grow your audience by having the focus of a single conversion purpose.

Kajabi boasts a library of optimized landing page templates for you to choose from. An excellent, easy-to-use feature also enables you to easily customize any of the chosen templates.

Run and Track Email Campaigns

Emails allow you to build long-term relationships with customers and leads. Marketing through email is cost-effective, and it multiplies the return on investment by a high margin – especially if you segment your audience for maximum relevance and use sequences of triggered messages.

Using Kajabi, you can quickly send email broadcasts and personalized transactional messages to your subscribers and customers. The platform has simple drag-and-drop tools through which you can craft and incorporate buttons and call to actions in your emails without any hassle. You can further enhance the look of your messages by adding images and emojis.

Automated marketing is a boon for entrepreneurs and business owners. Using Kajabi, you can automate all your marketing campaigns and the entire customer journey, building out custom “pipeline” funnels for each of your sales offers and product rollouts.

Above all, Kajabi provides you with insightful analytics to optimize your email campaigns for better results. The data is available at a glance and no maintenance is needed.

Deploy Quizzes and Boost Revenue

If you are a trainer, one surefire way to ensure your students are deriving real value from your courses is to conduct in-lesson assessments. That’s why Kajabi also has the tools which you can use to run quizzes and surveys and gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s grasp of the material.

But these quizzes can be used in any number of ways for marketing purposes as well, including lead capture on blog posts and even segmenting contacts into retargeting or upsell audiences based on their answers.

What’s more, Kajabi offers valuable features like customizable checkout page and post-purchase upsells. Using this platform, you can easily create multi-stage, visually appealing checkout as well as integrate post-purchase upsells. Capabilities like these help you sell more of your products.

Are You Ready to Create Your Success Story?

If you’re not a tech geek yourself and want to avoid all the headache of using different types of confusing technologies from multiple vendors, Kajabi just might be the answer to your prayers.

Using Kajabi, you can easily start an online business and create a memorable brand of your own. The built-in marketing platform also offers a 24/7 tech support to find solutions to issues without any delay. All in all, Kajabi is the perfect platform you can utilize to create your success story.

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