Kevin Harrington Net Worth: The Entrepreneurial Fortune

kevin harrington net worth

Kevin Harrington, a renowned entrepreneur, has built an impressive net worth through his successful business ventures and investments. With a wealth accumulation of $400 million, Harrington’s entrepreneurial journey showcases his ability to create wealth and achieve financial prosperity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kevin Harrington has a net worth of $400 million.
  • His success comes from his entrepreneurial ventures and strategic investments.
  • Harrington’s business ventures include TVGoods Inc., Quantum International, HSN Direct, and Entrepreneur’s Organization.
  • He is a co-founder of Omni-Reliant Holdings, Inc.
  • Harrington is well-known as an investor on the TV show “Shark Tank.”

Kevin Harrington’s Infomercial Empire and Product Launches

In 1985, Kevin Harrington launched Quantum International, his first infomercial, marking the beginning of his success in the industry. Throughout his career, he has been involved in over 500 product launches, resulting in sales of over $4 billion worldwide. Harrington has been a driving force behind the success of numerous products, including the Ginsu Knife, Tony Little’s Gazelle, and the Jack Lalane Juicer. His expertise in infomercials and product marketing has played a significant role in his net worth.

One of Kevin Harrington’s most notable achievements in the infomercial industry is his role in popularizing the “As-Seen-On-TV” phenomenon. Through ventures like Quantum International and TVGoods Inc., Harrington has played a crucial role in developing and promoting successful products. These infomercials have introduced innovative and useful products to consumers, revolutionizing the way products are marketed and sold. Harrington’s ability to identify market opportunities and create effective sales strategies has made him a key figure in the industry.

Kevin Harrington’s Product Launches

Kevin Harrington’s expertise in product launches has been instrumental in his success. He has a keen eye for identifying market trends and consumer needs, allowing him to select products with high potential for success. Harrington’s skills in sales and marketing help create effective infomercials that engage viewers and drive sales. His ability to showcase the features and benefits of a product, combined with strategic advertising and marketing campaigns, has been a winning formula for many successful product launches.

Product Year Revenue Generated
Ginsu Knife 1985 $50 million
Tony Little’s Gazelle 1997 $1.2 billion
Jack Lalane Juicer 2002 $150 million

Kevin Harrington’s success in the infomercial industry can be attributed to his commitment to selecting and promoting high-quality products that resonate with consumers. His ability to generate significant revenue through product launches has solidified his position as a leading entrepreneur in the infomercial industry.

“Infomercials have given me the opportunity to reach millions of people with innovative products that can improve their lives.”

Kevin Harrington’s Entrepreneurial Ventures and Investments

Kevin Harrington’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by a diverse range of ventures and strategic investments. Through his keen business acumen, he has played a key role in the growth and success of various companies, making him a highly respected figure in the business world.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

One of Harrington’s notable entrepreneurial ventures is Reliant Interactive Media Corp, where he has helped businesses achieve growth and reach their full potential through strategic consulting services. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Harrington has been able to provide valuable insights and guidance to numerous companies, driving their success in the competitive market.

Additionally, Harrington has been actively involved in Harrington Business Development, where he helps entrepreneurs and startups succeed by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship. His dedication to nurturing and supporting emerging businesses has made a significant impact on the entrepreneurial community.


Kevin Harrington’s investments have been instrumental in his journey to success. As one of the original sharks on “Shark Tank,” he has identified and supported numerous promising startups, propelling them to achieve remarkable growth and success. Harrington’s strategic investments have not only generated substantial returns but have also contributed to his reputation as a savvy investor.

Outside of “Shark Tank,” Harrington has made wise investments in various industries, including entertainment, real estate, and financial services. These investments have provided him with additional sources of income and have further diversified his portfolio.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Investments
Reliant Interactive Media Corp Startups on “Shark Tank”
Harrington Business Development Entertainment industry
Real estate
Financial services

Kevin Harrington’s entrepreneurial ventures and investments have played a pivotal role in his net worth accumulation. Through his dedication, strategic thinking, and ability to identify opportunities, he has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and investor. Harrington’s passion for entrepreneurship and his commitment to helping others succeed continue to drive his remarkable journey.

Kevin Harrington’s Success on “Shark Tank”

Kevin Harrington gained fame as one of the original sharks on the hit television show “Shark Tank.” His role on the show involves evaluating business pitches and investing in promising entrepreneurs’ ideas. With his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and investments, Harrington has become a trusted figure in the business world and an invaluable source of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Throughout his time on “Shark Tank,” Harrington has made numerous successful investments, contributing significantly to his net worth. He has identified and supported various startups that have gone on to achieve remarkable success. His expertise in evaluating business opportunities and understanding market trends has allowed him to make strategic investments that have yielded substantial returns.

Harrington’s insights and advice on “Shark Tank” have made him a sought-after mentor and business strategist. His guidance has helped entrepreneurs fine-tune their pitches, navigate challenges, and scale their businesses. Harrington’s success on the show has solidified his reputation as a successful investor and provided a platform for him to share his entrepreneurial wisdom with a wide audience.

Kevin Harrington’s Investments on “Shark Tank”

Kevin Harrington’s investments on “Shark Tank” have been diverse and impactful. He has supported innovative startups across various industries, ranging from technology and consumer goods to fashion and health and wellness. Some notable investments include the well-known product “Scrub Daddy,” a versatile cleaning tool that has generated millions in sales.

Company Category Investment Amount Success
Scrub Daddy Cleaning Tools $200,000 Huge Success
Breathometer Health Tech $650,000 Successful Exit
Grill Charms Grilling Accessories $50,000 Successful Exit

Harrington’s ability to identify unique and profitable business ideas has been instrumental in his success on “Shark Tank.” His investments have not only provided financial returns but have also given entrepreneurs the opportunity to scale their businesses and access valuable mentorship and resources.

Kevin Harrington’s Successful Ventures in the Infomercial Industry

Kevin Harrington has made a significant impact in the infomercial industry throughout his career. He is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of infomercial marketing and the “As-Seen-On-TV” industry. Through ventures like Quantum International and TVGoods Inc., Harrington has played a crucial role in developing and promoting successful products.

One of the well-known products associated with his involvement is the Total Gym. Harrington’s expertise in infomercial marketing played a key role in the success of Total Gym, helping it become a household name. The Total Gym became popular through its infomercials, showcasing the product’s versatility and effectiveness for fitness enthusiasts.

Aside from the Total Gym, Harrington has been involved in promoting several other as-seen-on-TV products that have gained significant traction in the market. His strategic marketing approach and understanding of consumer needs have allowed him to identify innovative products with high potential for success.

Product Description Success
Ginsu Knife A set of high-quality knives with a unique design. Became a cultural phenomenon and achieved widespread sales.
Tony Little’s Gazelle An exercise machine that combines cardiovascular and resistance training. Became one of the best-selling fitness products of its time.
Jack Lalanne Juicer A juicing machine that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Became a popular choice for health-conscious individuals.

Kevin Harrington’s expertise in the infomercial industry has not only contributed to his net worth but has also paved the way for the success of numerous products. Through his strategic marketing efforts, he has helped turn innovative ideas into profitable ventures, leaving an indelible mark on the infomercial industry.

Kevin Harrington’s Philanthropic Work and Foundation

Kevin Harrington is not only a highly successful entrepreneur and investor, but also a dedicated philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. Through his foundation, Harrington has made a significant impact on various social causes and initiatives.

One of the key areas of focus for Harrington’s philanthropy is education. He has funded educational initiatives that aim to provide opportunities for underprivileged students to receive quality education and pursue their dreams. By supporting scholarships and educational programs, Harrington is empowering the next generation to succeed.

Table: Kevin Harrington Foundation’s Charitable Initiatives

Initiative Description Impact
Disaster Relief Providing financial assistance and resources to communities affected by natural disasters Helping rebuild homes, providing essential supplies, and offering support to affected individuals and families
Supporting Small Businesses Investing in local small businesses, providing mentorship, and helping entrepreneurs thrive Creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and fostering innovation in local communities
Conservation Efforts Supporting initiatives that promote environmental conservation and sustainability Preserving natural habitats, protecting endangered species, and promoting a greener future

In addition to his focus on education, Kevin Harrington’s foundation has also been actively involved in disaster relief efforts. By providing financial assistance and resources to communities affected by natural disasters, the foundation has helped rebuild homes, provide essential supplies, and offer support to affected individuals and families.

Furthermore, Harrington believes in the power of small businesses and their ability to drive economic growth. His foundation supports local small businesses by investing in them, providing mentorship, and creating opportunities for them to thrive. By doing so, Harrington is making a tangible impact on job creation, economic stimulation, and innovation in local communities.

Lastly, Kevin Harrington’s foundation is committed to supporting conservation efforts. Through various initiatives, the foundation promotes environmental preservation and sustainability. By preserving natural habitats, protecting endangered species, and advocating for a greener future, Harrington is ensuring that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a healthy planet.

Kevin Harrington’s Early Life and Family

Kevin Harrington, the renowned entrepreneur, was born on September 4, 1959, in Melbourne, Australia. He later moved to the United States, where he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and achieved great success. Harrington’s family has played a vital role in his life, providing him with unwavering support and encouragement throughout his career.

Kevin Harrington is happily married to Crystal Harrington, and together they have two children, Megan Harrington and Brian Harrington. His family has been a strong pillar of strength, offering love, understanding, and companionship. Despite his busy schedule and professional commitments, Harrington prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones.

Harrington’s early life experiences and the values instilled by his family have shaped his entrepreneurial spirit and contributed to his drive for success. The support and love of his family have been instrumental in his journey, enabling him to overcome challenges and achieve his goals.

kevin harrington early life

Kevin Harrington’s Outlook on Family and Success

“Family is the foundation of my success. Without their support and belief in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They inspire me to strive for greatness and give me the strength to overcome any obstacles that come my way.” – Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington’s personal life and family serve as a reminder that a strong support system can be a driving force behind achieving success. His story exemplifies how the love and encouragement of loved ones can propel an individual to reach new heights in their professional endeavors.

Kevin Harrington’s Role as a TV Personality

Kevin Harrington has not only made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur and investor but has also become a prominent figure in the world of television. His role as one of the original sharks on the hit television show “Shark Tank” has catapulted him to widespread recognition and fame. The show, which features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of investors, has showcased Harrington’s business acumen and expertise. His charismatic presence on the show has made him a trusted figure among viewers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Through his appearances on “Shark Tank,” Harrington has not only invested in numerous successful startups but has also provided valuable insights and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. His contribution to the show, both as an investor and a mentor, has solidified his position as a prominent TV personality. Harrington’s ability to identify promising business ideas and make strategic investments has been instrumental in his success on the show.

Outside of “Shark Tank,” Harrington has made various television appearances, leveraging his expertise and insight to educate and inspire others. He has been featured on numerous talk shows and news programs, where he shares his experiences and offers valuable advice to viewers. Harrington’s TV appearances have further enhanced his reputation as a knowledgeable and influential entrepreneur, cementing his status as a prominent TV personality.

Kevin Harrington’s Sources of Income

Kevin Harrington has achieved substantial financial success through various sources of income, which highlight his entrepreneurial prowess and strategic business decisions. One of his primary sources of income is his involvement in the infomercial industry. As a pioneer and expert in infomercial marketing, Harrington has been instrumental in the success of numerous products. Through his ventures, such as Quantum International and TVGoods Inc., he has generated significant profits and created a lasting impact in the industry.

In addition to his infomercial endeavors, Harrington’s investments have played a crucial role in his wealth accumulation. As an original shark on the hit television show “Shark Tank,” he has identified and supported promising startups, both on and off the show. Through wise investments in various industries, such as entertainment, real estate, and financial services, Harrington has diversified his sources of income and maximized his financial returns.

Kevin Harrington’s ability to generate income is also fueled by his entrepreneurial mindset. He has been involved in numerous ventures and startups, utilizing his expertise to drive growth and success. With a deep understanding of business strategies and market trends, Harrington has made strategic decisions that have yielded substantial profits.

Key Sources of Income Description
Infomercial Industry Harrington’s early ventures in the infomercial industry, such as Quantum International and TVGoods Inc., have generated significant profits through the successful promotion and sales of various products.
Investments Harrington’s investments in startups, both on and off “Shark Tank,” as well as in various industries, such as entertainment, real estate, and financial services, have contributed to his financial success.
Entrepreneurship Harrington’s involvement in various ventures and startups has allowed him to generate income through strategic business decisions and leveraging market opportunities.

Kevin Harrington’s diverse sources of income and entrepreneurial acumen have been instrumental in his financial success, solidifying his position as a renowned entrepreneur and investor.

Kevin Harrington Sources of Income

Kevin Harrington’s Journey to Success

Kevin Harrington’s path to success is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, infomercial success, and strategic investments. From his early ventures in the infomercial industry to his role as one of the original sharks on “Shark Tank,” Harrington has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify opportunities and create wealth through smart business decisions.

As a pioneer in the infomercial industry, Harrington played a crucial role in developing and promoting successful products such as the Ginsu Knife, Tony Little’s Gazelle, and the Total Gym. His expertise in infomercial marketing and sales helped him establish a solid foundation for his future achievements.

Throughout his career, Harrington has not only been an astute entrepreneur but also an investor. His strategic investments in startups, both on and off the set of “Shark Tank,” have contributed significantly to his financial prosperity. By identifying and supporting promising entrepreneurs and their ideas, Harrington has built a reputation as a successful investor and business strategist.

Kevin Harrington’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the possibilities of achieving financial prosperity through hard work, determination, and a keen eye for opportunities.

With a strong sense of philanthropy, Harrington has also made a positive impact through his foundation, investing in projects that make a difference in the community and the environment. His dedication to giving back reflects his values and emphasizes the importance of using success to create a positive change in the world.

Kevin Harrington’s Strong Social Media Presence

Kevin Harrington, with his entrepreneurial success and television appearances, has also established a strong presence on social media platforms. He actively engages with his followers and provides valuable insights, sharing updates about his business ventures and personal life.

On Instagram, Kevin Harrington shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work, offering a closer look at his entrepreneurial journey. He also provides motivation and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs through his posts and captions.

With a significant following on Twitter, Kevin Harrington utilizes the platform to share his thoughts, industry news, and engage in conversations with his audience. His tweets offer a glimpse into his expertise and a deeper understanding of his business strategies.

Kevin Harrington also maintains a strong presence on Facebook, where he connects with his followers through regular updates and live videos. His Facebook page serves as a platform for interaction, allowing his audience to ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights directly from him.

Through his social media presence, Kevin Harrington continues to make an impact on a wider audience, sharing his knowledge, experiences, and motivation. His strong following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook reflects his influence as an entrepreneur and TV personality.

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