Best World News Blogs of 2022 – News and Media Websites

If you are looking forward to keep yourself up to date with latest news, you should look for the best news blogs that are available on the internet. There are numerous news blogs available for you to find. However, it is important to ensure that you are sticking to the most reliable blogs out of them at all times.

Reviewing the Top News and Media Websites and Blogs

No matter where you get your current events, there is more than enough news and information in the world to keep us all busy. Here are 10 of the best news blogs that you can refer to, with the objective of getting yourself exposed to the best news content from all around the world.

BBC News –

Anyone who is looking for reliable news can think about visiting BBC News. You will not need to keep any second thoughts in mind about news broadcasted over the BBC News blog. That’s because BBC News is one of the leading news networks that you can find out there in the world. You can easily keep yourself up to date with news and make sure that you don’t miss out anything by referring to BBC News. You can also consider this as a great platform available on the internet for you to refer to breaking news from all countries of the world.

The New York Times –

The New York Times is a news website that you can refer to get hold of news content mainly from United States. However, the website offers news content from many other countries around the world as well. That’s because The New York Times has got reporters from many different parts of the world. Before publishing news on The New York Times, the reporters will double check and proceed. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the quality of information that is delivered by the website of The New York Times.

Al Jazeera –

Al Jazeera is a major news network based in Qatar. If you are looking to get news from Middle East Asia and rest of Asia, you may take a look at Al Jazeera. However, Al Jazeera has a section to offer worldwide news and information for the visitors as well. You just need to navigate to the section on Al Jazeera blog and get yourself exposed to the content. There are numerous interactive and multimedia news content available at Al Jazeera. Hence, you can secure that you are getting a perfect news watching experience through the website of Al Jazeera.

Defence Blog –

Defence Blog is based in United States. This is a professional and independent news agency. The main objective of Defence Blog is to provide you with news obtained from the defense decision makers from all around the world. If you are keen to get yourself exposed to international defense, Defence Blog is one of the best blogs available out there to visit. You will also be able to get yourself exposed to lots of useful strategic and military news with the help of Defence Blog. On the other hand, this blog shares latest technological news with the visitors as well.

E-International Relations –

E-International Relations is a blog based in United Kingdom. People who are keen to find news and information with related to international relations will be able to take a look at E-International Relations. There are lots of engaging content about international politics on this blog. Moreover, this blog is an ideal option available for the students who learn about international relations. That’s because the blog has content with related to student essays, blogs and book reviews through E-International Relations blog. The blog has been there for quite some time and it is one of the most resourceful blogs available for a student to refer to.

Global Issues –

Global Issues is a blog that shares news content with related to international conflicts. It covers content from all around the world. Hence, people who are interested in getting their hands on related content from different parts of the world will be able to take a look at Global Issues and refer to the content shared. News content that belong to a variety of topics are shared within Global Issues. They include trade, economy, human rights, poverty, globalization, health and environment. You can find around two new blog posts being uploaded to the Global Issues blog on a daily basis.

The Cipher Brief –

The Cipher Brief is a blog that shares latest security news and information with the visitors. It offers a high level analysis for the people who are keen to go through blog posts that are available. You can get blog posts that are uploaded through expert perspectives through this blog. Hence, you will be able to get engaging blog posts through this blog, which is quite interesting. The content that you can find in The Cipher Brief is up to date and you will be able to enhance your world knowledge by referring to it.

Yahoo News –

Yahoo News is a blog that shares news content from all parts of the world while creating unique digital experiences. More than half a billion people from around the world are accessing Yahoo News blog. Ability of Yahoo News to deliver news and information to the visitors within a short period of time has contributed a lot towards its popularity. You can easily get yourself exposed to news as soon as they are available. On the other hand, you can expect Yahoo News to find in depth coverage of the news stories. For example, you will be able to find high quality photos and videos being shared out of the blogs along with news content.

Washington Post –

Washington Post is another trusted news platform available on the internet for any person to visit and get exposed to the latest news content. Apart from news, you can expect Washington Post to provide additional information and in-depth analysis as well. Hence, you will be able to take a better view of the unseen aspect of news and information that are shared through the blog. There are videos associated with almost all the news blog posts that are shared with Washington Post. Moreover, you will be able to receive news offers discussions as well as international news topics through the blog as well. The section on Washington Post that discusses about economic news is the best.


CNBC is one of the most reputed news information providers out there in the world. In fact, it is recognized as the leader in providing international news. You can get real time financial coverage with the help of CNBC blog as well. On top of that, you can find lots of business information and related content from the website. More than 340 million people from around the world are accessing CNBC website on a daily basis. It is among the most popular news blogs that are based in United States. However, you will be able to find content covered from other countries in the world such as Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America shared through CNBC blog.

Where to Find the Best World News Blogs

These are 10 of the best news blogs on the internet. You can visit these blogs to get yourself exposed to the latest news information as well as in-depth analysis of news information. News content in all these blogs are getting updated regularly to deliver the best experience to all visitors.

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