Best Pest Control Blogs of 2022 – Insect and Rodent Removal Websites

Pest control has become a major challenge for numerous homeowners out there in the world. No matter where you might be living in the world today, there are going to be pests and bugs that will likely make their way into your house.

Once this does happen, you will likely start looking online for different resources, pictures and information on how to get rid of such creatures. At the same time, you might also be looking for the best pest removal services in your area as wel. If you are struggling hard to deal with the challenges caused by pests, you must take a look at the best pest control blogs that are available for you to refer in 2020.

Reviewing the Top Pest Control Websites and Blogs

We believe that following are the top 10 blogs available for any homeowner to refer and learn how to deal with the frustration caused by pests. You can refer to the blogs and make sure that you get the most out of them. They will not just share you with useful tips and tricks related to pest control. You will also get the opportunity to enhance the knowledge that you have on the latest advancements with related to the industry as well.

1. American Pest Blog

American Pest Blog is the most popular blog on pest control among people who live in United States. If you are also from United States and if you are struggling hard with the problems caused by pests, you just need to refer to this blog. However, it focuses mainly on the pest control services with related to Maryland and Washington DC. Still, others in the country will be able to refer to the informative blog posts shared in it to learn more on how to ensure positive returns with pest control.

2. PestWorld

PestWorld is a blog that was created with the objective of sharing views and news with related to pest control. This pest control blog is based in Virginia. Hence, people who are keen to learn more about pest control in Virginia can refer to this blog. While going through the blog, you will be able to discover the most up to date news with related to pest control. The pest control tips shared through this blog are highly effective. On top of the pest control tips, you can find how this blog is sharing more details with related to industry information and news as well.

3. Rentokil

Rentokil is a blog that will be in a position to provide the readers with solutions to all pest controlling related problems that they deal with. This is an informative blog and the information shared through the blog can be applied right away to end up with securing positive returns. It delivers solutions to the people who struggle with pest controlling all around the world. On top of pest controlling, Rentokil is sharing some informative blog posts on damp proofing and timber controlling as well. No matter what kind of a pest related problem that you are dealing with, Rentokil will be able to provide you with a solution to overcome the trouble.

4. PCT – Pest Control Technology News

Pest control industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Hence, people should have a clear understanding about the latest news and information across the industry. This is where the blog titled PCT – Pest Control Technology News will be able to assist them with. PCT – Pest Control Technology News will not just share information with related to the latest pest product releases available in the market. It will also be sharing information with related to company acquisitions and different business strategies for dealing with pest controls. Moreover PCT – Pest Control Technology News blog is sharing details with related to events that take place out there in the world with related to pest control as well.

5. Terminix Pest Control | Bug Blog

Bug Blog is a detailed blog on pest control. This blog is maintained by Terminix Service Inc., which is based in Columbia. Since the blog is written by experts in the pest control industry, people who refer to it will be able to get their hands on latest and up to date information at all times. It is possible for them to rely on content that is shared via the blog as well. Any person from Columbia will be able to go for the pest controlling solutions offered by this company as well.

6. Pest Management Professional

Pest Management Professional is not just a blog, but a magazine. This is one of the few magazines that you can find with related to pest control. It is possible to access the magazine through this blog and get your hands on all the informative content shared through it. It is a great blog available for all the different businesses that exist within the pest control industry to refer as well. That’s because content shared through the blog is valuable and they can help the people to overcome numerous issues that they had with pest control.

7. Do My Own Pest Control

If you are homeowner who is willing to deal with the pest problem on your own, Do My Own Pest Control is the best blog available for you to refer to. It will share some useful tips with you on how to take better control over the pests who have invaded your home and how to chase them away effectively. Moreover, Do My Own Pest Control blog will be sharing all the pest control products that you should purchase from the market as well.

8. Catseye Pest Control Blog

Catseye Pest Control Blog is a blog maintained by one of the family owned pest control companies based in Florida. They are writing informative blog posts based on the industrial expertise that the team is having on pest control. Hence, people who refer to this blog will be able to end up with getting the most informative content at the end of the day. The company that manages Catseye Pest Control Blog is having a proven pest management program. This pest management program has helped them to maintain a strong industry reputation as well. While referring to the blog, you will be able to get a glimpse of the pest controlling solutions that are offered by the company.

9. Mantis Pest Solutions

Mantis Pest Solutions was a blog that was initiated by two friends named Ty and Rick. These two friends have got more than 30 decades of combined experience in working in the pest control industry. Hence, you can discover lots of useful and informative content shared via the Mantis Pest Solutions blog. As of now, the two friends are offering pest control services to the people who are in need of them in Missouri. However, the individuals who cannot obtain those pest control services can refer to the blog on Mantis Pest Solutions and learn more about pest control.

10. Big Blue Bug Solutions

Big Blue Bug Solutions is a pest control solution based in Rhode Island. They have an official blog linked with the website. This blog is sharing some useful information with related to pest control among people who are keen to get their hands on them. When you are referring to the Big Blue Bug Solutions blog, you will be able to discover information with related to a large number of pest control issues that you have, such as bed bugs, ants and other pests.

Where to Find the Best Pest Control Blogs

Dealing with pests is something that all the homeowners will be able to do up to a great extent. Any homeowner who wishes to learn more about effective pest control can take a look at the solutions that are shared by these best control blogs on the internet.

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