Qatch Review – The New Personal Stylist Site for Lovers of Fashion

There’s a seemingly endless stream of new and exciting fashion releases constantly hitting the market rivaling for your attention. And frankly, it’s extremely hard to keep tabs on all the latest drops. There are two types of shoppers in the world: those who enjoy the thrill of hunting down the best fashion gems themselves as they endlessly go through each and every option their local department store has to offer, and those who prefer a hassle-free personalized shopping experience tailored to their own individual needs, style and, obviously, budget.

The worst part about being a member of the latter group? Having to scout the whole wide web to come across your new, go-to fashion finds. And, if you are not an experienced personal shopper, chances are that you have absolutely no clue where to actually find them.

That’s where Qatch, the newly-founded personal stylist app comes in to save the day – and right now, you can finally start shopping on it.

Qatch is a Personal Stylist that Loves Your Fashion Style 

Like your overly-excited best friend, Qatch tailors your shopping experience to your individual aesthetic, no matter your budget. No, it’s not yet another shopping app, on the contrary, Qatch offers a tech-backed platform where the iMessage’s tapback feature really shines! According to a new survey from Google and Ipsos, 50% of smartphone users are  engagingmore likely to use a company or brand’s mobile site when browsing or shopping on a smartphone because they don’t want to download an app. Yes, you are not alone. Filling your oh-so-precious smartphone with apps is certainly the last thing Qatch ‘s creators want you to do.

With stellar partnerships like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Ann Taylor, and Talbots, users can heart, thumbs up, or thumbs down on every product recommendation from their top favorite retail stores in the world, allowing Qatch to capture your opinion in real-time. Is there something you absolutely dislike? Engage and let them know, they will eliminate those bad matches really fast.

How to solve the “no idea where to look” enigma with Qatch iMessage conversations

The quiz

Unlike e-retailer shopping, Qatch kicks things off with a personalized quiz. BFFs know everything about each other, right? This quiz allows them to get to know you and your preferences so you can fall in love with every product from Day 1. They want their ‘personal stylist’ to understand your preferences and match you with the perfect item without having to sift through hundreds of results for a fee of just $5/month.

The recommendations

As a Qatch member, you’ll receive small-batch clothing recommendations from their number via text. So, sit back, relax and wait for your tailored recommendation to pop up in your phone’s iMessage – they might very well be your favorite daily convos. Upon scrolling through your messages each day, you’ll be presented with a slew of shoppable image options and actually engage with them similar to the usual Facebook emoji reaction system. Use a Heart, Thumbs up, or Thumbs Down Tapback to share your thoughts – no texting required.

Shopping and sales

Did you just fall in love with a product? Qatch, doesn’t hold inventory, hence there is no checkout process. Simply tap on the shoppable image link and you will get redirected to the the Brand Partner website to finish your transaction. It’s a breeze, we promise.

Just in case you are a serial-sales-hunter, then you better take advantage of the sales alerts. You will get notified when a product you previously loved goes on sale.

Sustainable Shopping, Female-owned brands, and more

Are you trying to live greener? Maybe you prefer to support female-owned businesses and minority-owned brands? Rest assured that Qatch strives to support emerging business owners who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by engaging in ethical practices while following their own path to success.

You will receive a heads up when a brand they send is female-owned, minority-owned, or sustainable.

Grab those influencer-approved outfits

Do you aimlessly scroll through Instagram only to find yourself eyeing some of the most coveted outfits? Yes, these girls can make everything look cute! Luckily, now you can get your hands on all the trendiest fashion styles. Simply browse the recommendations of Qatch’s trendiest members to see what they’re loving and snatch it before anyone else. Need more? Users can also share their Instagram accounts, allowing Qatch to even further personalize their recommendations by getting a glimpse of the products that they wear and influencers or brands that they follow.

Qatch is a Female-Owned Business

Qatch was founded by two sisters, Nicole Phillips and Raquel Phillips after years of having to deal with the frustrating experience of having to go from website to website to see a variety of brands and the overwhelming feeling of thousands of products to choose from. Nicole, the CEO, holds a Masters of Law (LL.M.) in Fashion Law from Fordham Law School and carries in-depth knowledge of how technology was used to improve operations for fashion brands and retailers due to her experience working in-house for several retail clients.

Raquel, the COO, graduated with her Masters in Accounting from Babson College before working in audit at PwC. Her background in business, entrepreneurship, and accounting helped her gained valuable connections with entrepreneurs and mentors within the Babson community since the day she founded a student organization.

Fueled by their love for easy and personalized shopping, they wanted to create a new way to communicate what shoppers wanted-and that’s how Qatch was born.

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