Best Quilting Blogs of 2022 – Quilt and Crafting Websites

Quilting is a popular leisure time activity among men and women all around the world. Most of the women prefer to engage with this art. If you are into quilting and if you are exploring the wonderful possibilities that are created with quilting, you will need to refer to the best blogs on quilting that are available on the internet.

Reviewing the Top Quilting Websites and Blogs

With all of that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best quilting blogs available on the internt today. We believe that any person who is into quilting will be able to gather lots of valuable and useful information by referring to these blogs on quilting.

1. The Cutting Table –

The Cutting Table blog is also called as the Missouri Quilting Blog. The blog is based in Missouri, United States. The blog shares details on how quilting can be transformed into a fun-filled experience. You can easily expose yourself to a large number of quilting projects by referring to this blog. The tutorials presented through this blog are explanatory. You can refer to the blogs and learn lots of valuable information with related to them. You will be able to keep a laugh on your face and go through content shared by The Cutting Table. One of the best things you will love about The Cutting Table is that it shares some of the tips and tricks with related to quilting. Moreover, people who follow this blog can get themselves exposed to the best quilting deals available out there.

2. Fons & Porter –

Fons & Porter is a dedicated blog on quilting. In fact, this blog is based upon a quilting magazine based in United States. The magazine is published under the same name. You can call Fons & Porter as the most popular quilting related magazine that you can find in the country. Content shared out of this magazine is interesting. You can refer to the trending articles that are published within the magazine in the form of blog posts. Around 5 new blog posts are getting uploaded to Fons & Porter per week. All of them are based upon articles that go viral on the magazine. You can enjoy quilting with the help of Fons & Porter.

3. Diary of a Quilter a quilt blog –

Diary of a Quilter a quilt blog is a personal blog that is written on the basis of quilting. You can learn more about sewing and quilting with the reference to this blog. One of the best things about this blog is that it will expose you to quilting as if a mother would do. You will be amazed with the nature of content that is shared out of the blog. It is an ideal blog available for the beginners. You can find lots of quilting tutorials shared out of this blog. All those tutorials cover useful information about quilting from the basics. You just need to refer to the tutorials and get the knowledge shared out of it along with you. One new post is shared via the Diary of a Quilter a quilt blog per week.

4. Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!! –

Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!! Is a blog based in North Carolina. This blog is managed by Bonnie K. Hunter, who is a teacher and author. She has a passion towards quilting as well. That passion is shared via the Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!! Blog. She creates lots of scrap quilts on a daily basis. All the information with related to them is shared over the blog. That’s why you can expect to find a new blog post being uploaded to the Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!! Blog on a daily basis. You can even enhance your knowledge on how to visit the quilting shops and workshops to enhance your knowledge.

5. Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast –

Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast is not a traditional blog with related to quilting, but pretty much a podcast. If you have been looking for a podcast about quilting, this is the ideal place available for you to visit on the internet. You can learn how to add quilting to your day to day lifestyle by referring to the blog. On the other hand, you can also enhance the knowledge that you have on how to make quilts with the support of this blog. There are lots of creative content with related to quilting offered via Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast.

6. Crazy mom quilts –

Crazy mom quilts is a blog about a mom who shares her latest quilting work with the followers. She is not just an ordinary mom. She is the Co-Author of Sunday Morning Quilts magazine. That’s why this blog is quite popular among all the people who are into quilting. When you are referring to the blog posts shared through this, you will be able to learn more on how to go ahead with quilting based on scrap materials.

7. Pat Sloan Quilt –

Pat Sloan Quilt is a blog on quilting, which is based in Virginia City, Nevada. This blog is not dedicated to quilting. Apart from blog posts with related to quilting, you can find how the blog is sharing many other useful and effective information on travel, quilting and decorating. Around four new blog posts are uploaded to the Pat Sloan Quilt on a weekly basis. Hence, any person who is interested in quilting can refer to this blog as well.

8. – is a blog based upon a popular TV show based in quilting. This TV show was presented by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. If you are a person who loves quilting, you must have enjoyed this TV show. Even though the TV show is currently over, you can find lots of useful content with related to TV show being shared out of this blog. If you are a person who misses the TV show, you should refer to this blog as it will share all the great quilting work that you have been missing. This is an active blog and around one new post is getting uploaded to the blog on a daily basis.

9. Suzy Quilts –

Suzy Quilts is a blog that is based in Chicago. You can learn how to proceed with quilting and create original designs with the support offered out of this blog. The best thing about quilting work shared out of this blog is that the authors tend to pay more attention towards the quality of patterns. In other words, you can refer to this blog and expose yourself to thoughtfully created blog posts on quilting.

10. From My Carolina Home –

From My Carolina Home is not a dedicated blog on quilting. When you are going through blog posts shared over it, you can discover content with relate to quilting, gardening, reading books, cooking and crafting. In other words, you may call From My Carolina Home as a blog that is designed for the stay at home moms out there. However, you can find some exciting content with related to quilting being shared out of this blog as well. Therefore, people who are interested in quilting will be able to refer to this blog.

Where to Find the Best Quilting Blogs

These are the 10 best blogs related to quilting. Whether you are a beginner to quilting or you have experience with it, you may refer to the blogs and get the information shared.

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