WordPress Hosting: Is it the Fastest Solution?

Your website’s hosting is a crucial determinant of its success, reach, and visibility. Hosting providers decide the bandwidth you get, the RAM space you can use, and the maximum storage area your website may occupy. These features, along with multiple other aspects, decide how fast websites load for different audiences around the world. Generally, WordPress websites require a complete set of hosting assets that the hosting company has optimized to meet WordPress needs.

Otherwise, website users may experience exceptionally slow website speeds and performance. One such website hosting preferred by WordPress developers is The hosting service has increased in popularity over the years. However, the crucial question remains – is it the fastest WordPress Hosting Solution. This article considers this debate in great depth. is the Best Optimized Solution offers the best and most comprehensive solution for WordPress websites today. Everything, from the servers to the software, is synchronized to improve WordPress-powered websites’ performance. Multiple features make this hosting provide fast service:

  1. It offers three different tiers of hosting services. Additionally, each tier focuses on the projected traffic of the business. For example, if your business is amongst the top-tier brands that receive thousands of page views every day, you can purchase the Upper-tier service. This way, you get the resources that a heavily visited site requires to maintain page speed.
  2. The most crucial tier is the middle-range tier. It supplies the user with ample bandwidth, RAM performance, and hard disk space for any website to work at the best specifications. Additionally, you get the liberty to install many plugins.
  3. WordPress websites depend heavily on certain features other than the development itself to the word at full speed. For example, caching and SSL usage. The hosting offers complete usage of these features along with an integration of automatic updates, more than 200+ Edge locations, and a full-page caching system. 
  4. Most users face difficulty in managing the resources of their backend system. Such resource management is crucial to ensure maximum WordPress website performance. To counter this issue, provides the user with a beautiful and easy to use customer panel. Here, you can spot-check your website’s performance statistics easily. Thus, your usage of the hosting resources improves magnanimously.

What about the servers? 

The location and quality of your hosting’s servers prove crucial in determining your WordPress website’s speed. Here, has a significant advantage. The service is part of the Global Edge Network. As such, the chances of a slow-speed performance at any location around the world are minimal. Let us sum up how the network works.

Currently, the servers of hosting have 15 different locations around the world. Additionally, they are adding more sites to their portfolio. Thus, accessing your website from any area will be served the webpage from the closest physical server location. This aspect reduces the data transfer issues, making your WordPress website super fast. 

Additionally, you can scale and specify the physical locations you are more interested in providing your website. As such, your website gets located on the location that is nearest to your physical market. For example, most of your customers are from New York. You require your website to be placed closest to New York to minimize the delivery time in such cases. allows you to accommodate this placement.

Furthermore, you do not get a stand-alone server without any protection. Instead, every server is malware and hacking protected. Consequently, the files of your WordPress hosting remain safe. This aspect resolves one of the major issues for faulty and slow WordPress websites: corrupt and hacked files.

Do Customers Consider to be the fastest WordPress hosting?

Trustpilot Reviews of WordPress hosting are generally positive, with most people commending its fast speed. One customer claimed that the difference in speed could be noticed as soon as you transfer your website to Similarly, they provide an inbuilt Content Delivery Network system that optimizes WordPress content and website delivery speed.

In most cases, recommends that the site developer employs a CDN’s services to speed up their website. However, such CDN services can be costly if the developer purchases them from elsewhere. This issue gets solved with WordPress hosting that offers such CDN services as an inbuilt package. One customer mentioned this aspect as the prime reason he could focus on other aspects of his business, helping him make considerable returns.

Additionally, another customer placed ahead of Cloudways, Flywheel, and Wordify in the fastest WordPress hosting services list. He focused on the exceptional technology and performance-optimized servers the company offers. Similarly, another customer considered his WordPress blog’s breakneck speed on’s servers to be the prime reason for high organic traffic diverting to his website. Thus, most customer reviews place at the top-tier of fast WordPress hosting services.

The Fast Service Comes At A Price

There are a few drawbacks of using WordPress hosting. The system does not provide the developer with an inbuilt file manager. Such a manager may not be required by amateur or new developers. However, certain high-level developers need access to the files to introduce custom changes to their platform.

Additionally, the user may have to use a file manager plugin within WordPress to counter the issue. In such cases, the site becomes prone to malware attacks as such plugins induce a vulnerability in your website that allows access to files.

Similarly, does not offer an inbuilt email handling system. Consequently, you have to purchase either Outlook365 or G-suite services to get a working email for your website. This aspect increases the financial burden on the website owner.

Finally, a WordPress hosting server works only for WordPress websites. If you wish to host any other platform that powers your website, you will need to consider alternate hosting plans.

Final Verdict

The top-notch features and customer satisfaction shows that is amongst the fastest WordPress optimized hosting solution available today. If the platform’s drawbacks do not affect your business’s requirements, we strongly recommend that you give this hosting a try.

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