Best Skateboard Blogs of 2022 – Skateboarding Websites

Are you a fan of skateboarding? Then you must refer to the best skateboard blogs that are available on the internet. These blogs will help you to rediscover the love that you have towards skateboarding. On the other hand, these blogs will make sure that you learn more about the trends and latest information from skateboarding from all around the world.

Reviewing the Top Skateboarding Websites and Blogs

If you love the idea of skateboarding and are always looking to improve your skills, be sure to take a look at the blogs and start following the best ones out of them. Heck, after reviewing a few of them, you might even want to get started with a blog of your own.

1. TransWorld SKATEboarding –

TransWorld SKATEboarding is a blog that is created with the objective of sharing skateboarding news. You can learn news about skateboarding from all around the world by referring to this blog. In fact, there is a magazine behind TransWorld SKATEboarding. You may call it as the best and the biggest magazine on skateboarding. One new article is getting uploaded to the TransWorld SKATEboarding blog on a weekly basis. It is filled with information. Any person who wants to refer to the best content on skateboarding may take a look at the TransWorld SKATEboarding blog.

2. Longboard Brands Blog –

If you are a beginner to skateboarding, you should think about investing your money to purchase a longboard. That’s because a longboard can provide you with the best skateboarding experience that you can ever receive. That’s where Longboard Brands Blog will be able to help and support you with. Even if you are a person who doesn’t know anything about longboards, you may refer to the Longboard Brands Blog and get all information you want to know. Based on that, you can invest you money to purchase the best longboard. On the other hand, this blog on longboarding will be able to help you with learning some effective hacks on how to use the longboard as well.

3. Crailtap –

Skateboarding is quite popular among girls. If you are a girl who loves skateboarding, Crailtap is a blog that you should think about following. It will help you to learn all the hacks that a girl should be aware of, at the time of skateboard. One of the best things about this blog is that it shares lots of useful information with related to skateboarding for women. On top of that, you can enhance your knowledge on the outfits that you must wear while you spend your time with practice sessions.

4. Grey Skateboard Magazine –

Grey Skateboard Magazine is a high quality magazine on skateboarding. We believe it as another great choice available for all the people who have a passion towards engaging with skateboarding. You can discover how lots of quality content is shared out of Grey Skateboard Magazine. Based on the content, it is possible for you to learn how to customize the experience that you have with skateboards. The blog has thousands of followers and it is quite popular among skateboard lovers all over the world.

5. BoardPusher –

If you are a person who wants to personalize the experience that you get with the skateboard, BoardPusher is the ideal blog available out there to follow. It shares some useful tricks on how to design your own personalized skateboard deck. If you are bored with the same old design of your skateboard deck and if you want to make it look exciting, this is the ideal blog to follow. You will get an amazing experience out of the blog and you will fall in love with the personalized content that it would offer.

6. Primitive Skateboarding –

Primitive Skateboarding is a news website. This blog is based in Los Angeles, California. You can learn lots of new information about skateboarding when you refer to this blog. On top of that, the blog will share some useful details about skateboarding apparel items. One of the biggest reasons on why people tend to take a look at Primitive Skateboarding blog is because it shares useful details about the different skateboard stores and blogs around the world. You can get hold of those details and transform the skateboarding experience to a completely unique experience.

7. Slam City Skates Blog –

Slam City Skates Blog is a skateboarding blog that is based in London, United Kingdom. This blog shares more details about the finest skateboard brands that you can find around the world. If you are from UK, you can get the best skateboarding experience out of it. Content shared through the skateboarding blog is impressive. In fact, this blog is managed by the oldest skateboard store that can be found in the country. The skateboard store was discovered in 1986. They started the blog in the year 2011 and it is one of the most popular skateboard blogs available as of now. You can expect to find one new blog post being uploaded to Slam City Skates Blog on a weekly basis.

8. K2 Skates Blog –

K2 Skates Blog is a skateboarding blog that is based in Seattle, United States. This company was able to introduce the very first soft boot to the market back in the year 1993. In fact, the brand is filled with innovation and you can find them releasing numerous innovative products to the market. You can learn more about them by referring to the K2 Skates Blog. The team behind K2 Skates Blog wants to change the performance that people receive with skateboarding. They were able to do it back in the year 1993. We can expect them to do the same in future as well. You can learn more details on how they would do it through K2 Skates Blog.

9. Welcome Skateboards –

Welcome Skateboards is a blog that is designed for fun skateboarding. You can learn cool tricks to perform with skateboard and have lots of fun. If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you will love the content shared out of this blog. In fact, you can also see how this blog is sharing some exciting facts on skateboarding. These facts can help you to transform yourself into a skateboard sorcerer. The blog was launched in the month of June 2014. As of now, around four new blog posts are uploaded to Welcome Skateboards per year.

10. Lanham Skate Center –

Lanham Skate Center is based in Maryland. It is one of the most popular places available for the skateboarders to unwind themselves and have a great time. You can refer to the official blog of Lanham Skate Center and learn more about skateboarding. It is one of the best places available in Maryland for the family members to get together and have fun. The blog shares more content on how to have fun at with the skateboard at their facility. If you want to get the most out of this blog, you should read it and visit the skateboarding facility. It will provide you with a unique experience, which you will never forget for a lifetime.

Where to Find the Best Skateboarding Blogs

As you can see, there are many different types of skateboarding blogs available for you to check out. Take a look at these blogs and pick the best ones out of them. Then you can catch all the excitement that they offer with skateboarding. You can receive a fabulous experience when you are skateboarding with the knowledge shared by these blogs.

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