Someone has your name! Check and Secure it Now!

While you might think you are pretty special (and you definitely are) the truth of the matter is that you are actually 1 out of more than 7.44 billion people on the earth today. And it’s also very likely many other people in the world share the same name as you.

This is something you probably found out already when searching through social media or even Googling your name in the search results. However, one of the best ways to secure your privacy and make sure that you always “own” your name, is to immediately register it as a domain name.

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Why You Must Own Your Name as a Domain Name!

Don’t think owning your name as a domain is important? Think again…

Let us first show you examples of three big celebrities and personalities that took way too long to register their personal name as a domain name and now have a silly URL instead of something that would be so obvious.

Can You “Beleibe” This?

#1 – The first example is one of the most popular celebrities in the world today, which is Justin Bieber. As someone with nearly all the money in the world, you would almost think it’s obvious that they would have secured their personal name as a domain name at “”, but that simply isn’t the case.

Instead, it’s — yea, pretty lame.

If you were to visit, you would find a simple white and black website with random text that really doesn’t provide much value. Imagine how many people are typing that in to find JB’s real site, yet finding something completely different.

Not a Hole in One!

#2 – Another example a well-known celebrity and athlete that missed out on securing their personal name as a domain, is the professional golfer ‘Zach Johnson. While Justin Bieber might seem like a pretty specific and unique name, the name ‘Zach Johnson’ is actually a bit more common, so this one isn’t as surprising. However, here we are once again left in awe to find that the professional golfer, (who also has millions of dollars and could easily have bought this domain at cost or even for just 10 bucks if he acted early) is using a domain with his name and ‘golf’ thrown onto the end of it. Want to find his official site, then you will need to head over to

And same with JB, if you were to visit, you would just find it’s a personal website for some kid and his consulting business. We’re sure he’s getting some nice type-in traffic as well.

Even a President???

#3 – If you were smart and talented enough to become President of the free world, wouldn’t you think you’d at least register your name as a domain — or have one of his secret service or even the CIA secretly obtain it for him? Just kidding 🙂 Well, that certainly isn’t the case with “Bill Clinton”, one of the most famous Presidents over the last several decades.

Head over to ‘’ and you will find a site like the one below — which is simply a domain parking page. Best of all, it’s for sale for just under $10,000. That’s complete pocket change to Bill… why not grab it and make everyone typing in trying to find your site a lot happy.

The funny thing is, Bill Clinton actually doesn’t have a main website at all. Instead, he just seems to use instead. At least his wife was smart enough to register her name as a domain… but then again, she didn’t win the Presidency, so I guess it didn’t make much of a difference for her after all.

Domain names sell for MILLIONS of dollars all the time. The more generic and personal they are, the more they are worth. This is especially true with personal names. While you might not think your name is so special right now, wait until someone with your same name breaks the law, becomes famous, gets major news coverage, starts ranking for your name in Google and social media… and who knows what else.

In short, don’t leave it up to chance!

What About Your Personal Name?

Now it’s time to take action! Don’t wait any longer!

If you don’t currently own your personal name as a domain name, then you are missing out big time. The best domain option would be to have your name as a ‘.com’, but if it’s not available you could also register the ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ version as well. In most cases, once a domain name is gone, it’s gone forever.

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