UnderConstructionPage PRO Review for WordPress Blogs

If you are looking to create the perfect under construction page for your new website or blog, UnderConstructionPage is a WordPress plugin with simple beginner-friendly navigation and a self-explanatory name. It is advertised as a tool that allows any WordPress user to easily create one of these pages in quite a short time. Its reviews on WordPress plugin store certainly speak in favour of these claims, as it has a firm five-star rating.

Additionally, its popularity is quite high according to the number of active installations which goes beyond 400,000. One of the first obvious proofs of the plugin’s quality are the frequent updates, and this diligence in updating is another reason to believe the advertised responsiveness of the support team.

A bit more on the technicalities – UnderConstructionPage is compatible with WordPress versions 4.0 and later. Also, when it comes to PHP, it will work with versions 5.2 or higher. This Under Construction Page option is quite similar to that of a coming soon page as well.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the options this plugin offers.

As its commands are divided into six tabs, we will give an overview of each of these sections separately.

Main Section

The central place in this section takes up the chart we have pictured above. It shows all views, sessions, and conversions once you start receiving traffic. This feature is immensely useful, especially as you get the report on stats for each date. 

This way, if you keep track of your promotional activities, you’ll have a clear picture of which tactic work the best for your brand, market, and audience. Besides, you’ll be able to test your conclusions easily, also by looking into your stats.

Additionally, there is a reset option for this chart, but it’s located under the Settings tab, i.e. its subsection titled Tools. Admittedly, it is a bit unintuitive to separate these two features, but adding the stats reset option was nonetheless a great decision.

Other two handy settings are Automatic Start Date & Time and Automatic End Date & Time. Although the names pretty much say everything there is to know about these settings, it’s worth mentioning that they don’t automatically activate the under construction mode itself. You’ll have to enable it manually while these two sub-settings just help you fine-tune dates and timing of the launch and cancellation of the page.

Appearance Section

UnderConstructionPage offers heaps of different templates, or to be more precise, over 220 of them. As you can see in the snippet above, the selection covers a wide range of areas. So, whatever your niche is, you will probably find just the perfect template. 

There are takeaway-themed templates, those for dentists, and also items more leaning towards creative professions such as blogging, music, and photography. We were stunned by the available collection that UCP offers. On top of this, you can import the templates from external sources through commands available under the other Appearance subsection titled Your Pages.

Additionally, personalising your under-construction page even further is possible by adding some of the 1 million free images available through the plugin. You can also play with the fonts and its colours. Adjust the notifications on your page so that the most important ones pop and those of secondary priority can slightly blend in with the background. And the navigation through all of these many adjustments is intuitive and simple so that even WP beginners can easily find their way.

So, if visual appearance is among your priorities, look no further.

However, UCP isn’t just about superficial beauty. It also offers elements that will make your under-construction page functional. UCP builder is mostly based on drag-and-drop principle, so you can add and edit elements smoothly. Include countdown to launch to create the dynamics and the sense of progress. Also, you can feature contact forms or newsletter sign-up boxes. This way, you’ll be collecting leads even while your website is inactive.

All in all, when it comes to the final appearance of your under-construction page and many of its user-facing functionalities, UCP has you covered.

Access Section

This section is especially useful in case you are working in a team on your website. Let’s say you are a site owner who wants to upgrade the site, and you hire a developer to do this for you. So, you’ll only give access to the actual site content to the developer, while everyone else will see the under-construction page. The first way to do this is to type in your and the developer’s IP addresses in the Whitelisted IP Addresses box. 

The second way is to tick the roles which will see the full site. Thus, depending on the role that the logged-in user has, they will either see the regular content or just the coming soon page. The third way to select who sees the website while it’s being edited is to list user by user who is allowed to follow the editing progress. This option might be a bit tiresome if there are a lot of people who you’re planning to whitelist. 

UCP also allows you to show only some pages of your website while keeping others under restricted view. URL Based Rules section gives you the option to list either the pages you want always to be visible, or the ones you want never to be visible when under construction mode is on. So, depending on your plans and desires, choose the option from the drop-down menu in the first box, and then list URL by URL in the second. This is a great half-way solution for those owners who can’t afford to completely hide some website pages, either for the sake of profit, information, or some other reasons.

All these options are quite useful for developers as well. When you are building or updating a website, you’ll want constant feedback from your client. Choosing some of these options is a great way to maintain high-quality collaboration while working remotely. However, in cases where the only people who will be able to see the site actual content are you – the developer – and the client, maybe the best option is to simply create a direct access link. UCP team thought about this as well, and you can find this option under the second tab in the Access section.

All in all, the access options are fully covered, and we can only say…Well done!

Settings Section

The Settings section is the broadest and has five subsections.

External Services

The first tab holds a MailChimp connection set-up, Zapier Webhook connection set-up, and set-up for universal autoresponder in case you have opted for other mailing services. When it comes to MailChimp, you’ll even be able to create user lists provided you disable the double opt-in option. This is a great way to continue properly personalised management of your communication with the audience.


Miscellaneous subsection offers two on-off options. The first one allows you to control Google Analytics tracking for your website. When turned on, it automatically gives you a field where you put in your Google Analytics ID and that’s it – you have your GA tracker activated. Smooth and easy. The other option allows you to apply a Discourage Search Engines from indexing your website while it’s in under construction mode. Although it depends on the engine whether it will follow your directive or not, it’s still a handy feature.


This subsection offers several settings allowing you to control interactions of your website with third parties. It is also where redirection command is located, which allows you to redirect the users to another URL instead of showing them an under-construction page. This is a great additional ability for an under-construction plugin, and can come in useful at times.


Besides the Reset Statistics, the Tools subcategory also offers the option to reset all settings. Templates, leads, and stats are the only things not affected by this reset, which is hugely convenient. 

There will probably be times when you’ll want to delete all direct access links and other access or affiliate settings. It is a smart decision of the team behind the plugin that this reset saves the basic template settings and valuable data such as leads and statistics. But, beware, there is no undo, so think twice before you reach for this button.

Affiliate Links

This tab shows you all affiliate links which are currently active. In addition to the main section statistics chart, this is an extremely valuable conversion tracker, as it allows you to observe one visitor and their actions on the website during the course of sixty days. 

It also shows from where they were directed to your website in the first place. This kind of knowledge is truly valuable. Also, maintaining the continuity in the collection of this type of data, even while your site is in under construction mode, contributes to the overall promotional process.

Leads Section

This is where all your leads are compiled. Everyone who has left you their email address or sent you a message through a contact form will be listed here. All leads will be timestamped, and you’ll be able to see the location from which they contacted you. 

All these data are a great basis for future marketing campaigns. But don’t worry about backing them up as UCP allows you to export your lead lists in several formats. Yet another plus.

Support Section

This segment has two subdivisions into the FAQ and Contact Support. The FAQ goes shortly through some of the potential problems you might face. So, in case these short explanations don’t help, you can easily send a direct message to the UCP team just by going to the next subsection. This integrated contact form is certainly a nice touch and leaves an impression of dedication and care about the users.

The Verdict

In summary, we can freely say that this plugin delivers what its adds promise. Its ease of use is a result of good planning of features and clear commands. This means almost any WordPress site owner should be able to use it without any help. 

The professionals will also find it to be a great time-saving tool. On the whole, we can recommend this plugin to anyone who has a site under construction or one in need of renovation. It will provide all the necessary features and you’ll have an under-construction page up in a smooth and timely fashion.

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