50 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

Why not make 2021 the year you finally pay off debt and begin a better life financially? There are many ways to earn extra money online in 2021. Work from the privacy of your own home. No commuting or packing lunches. Pay off your debt or start building your nest egg by checking out these income producing techniques.

Online streams of revenue are great for stay at home moms, college students and retirees alike. Anyone who wants to stop living paycheck to paycheck can find something that can help them financially in the virtual world. If the thought of adding to your bank account just by surfing the web appeals to you there are many legit companies looking for you. Don’t let the stories of scams hold you back.

Extra income is great for so many things. Just imagine doing any of the following:

  • Paying off credit cards
  • Saving for vacations
  • Eliminating student loans
  • Planning for retirement
  • Ensuring income if there is a job loss
  • Providing freedom for hobbies
  • Allowing wage earners more time with family
  • Getting rid of debt
  • Making house improvements
  • Purchasing that new car
  • Retiring early
  • Covering health costs in case of emergencies
  • Being able to donate more to those who are less fortunate
  • Providing an income for retirees.
  • Being able to stay home while raising your children
  • Not letting physical disabilities hold you back from making money

When you work online you get to set your hours. The choice of how many hours you put in is also up to you. You can work full time 40- 50 hours a week or only on hour a day. Discover which opportunities fit your lifestyle.

Start 2021 with a Blog, and Make Something BIG Happen!

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These people are making millions with their blogs, what can you do with one of your own?

There are many opportunities online. What are your goals? Do you want to create your own side business, sell your unwanted items, work part-time for one company, or share your passion? There is something for everyone who is willing to put some time into researching jobs. Check out these 50 ways to make money online to find something that suits you.

  1. BloggingStart a blog and share your experiences and knowledge with the virtual world. You can monetize your blog by including ads from Amazon and other companies. It is also easy to have your own webstore right on your blog.
  2. Etsy Shop – Sell your artistic creations and crafts on your very own online store. Think of Etsy as the online mall.
  3. Sell your used books – Online used booksellers are a great way to turn the books you are finished with into cash. Try sites like Bookscouter and Half Price Books.
  4. eBay – You can sell just about anything on eBay. Handmade items, antiques or repurposed yard sale finds may all find a buyer on this website.Amazon FBA – Basically you buy things at retail stores and resell them on Amazon. Search through those clearance racks and start your business.
  5. Craigslist – This is another website where you can list items you have for sale.
  6. Facebook sale groups – There are yard sales going being run on Facebook all the time. Join one of the yard sale groups and start cleaning out your garage and filling your wallet.
  7. Decluttr – This app is a great way to sell your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games, books, electronics, cell phones and legos.
  8. Shutterstock – Sell those random photos you took during your trip to the shore on stock photo sites like Shutterstock.
  9. Make money off junk mail – Did you know you could sell your junk mail? Junk snail mail and email can earn you rewards at Small Business Knowledge Center.
  10. Proofreading – There is a big boom in the indie publishing market. Many of these authors need another set of eyes to proofread their material. If you have great grammar skills and an eye for detail this may be a great income producer.
  11. ESL Tutor – There are quite a few web companies looking for individuals who can teach English as a second language. Some require a college degree and others do not.
  12. Teach an online course – Everyone has something they can teach. Maybe you can teach sewing or how to maintain a budget. Teachable is one of the recommended sites to look at if this is your thing.
  13. Evaluate websites – Usertesting.com is a website where you can earn money testing out websites. This is for the techno geeks. Real people are paid to give their input on various internet sites.
  14. Take surveys – Imagine getting gift vouchers, sample products and even cash for giving your opinion? There are companies that pay you to take online surveys. All legit survey sites are free and won’t ask you to pay to join.
  15. Write reviews – Speaking of free products, writing reviews can also be a way to try all those great brands you can’t afford. You may not actually get paid but free things are nice. Try downloading the Influenster app to your mobile device.
  16. Freelance – Can you write, do graphic design, or create software? You can make some extra income by bidding on freelance jobs and working at home. Try Freelancer or PeoplePerHour to get started.
  17. Create lesson plans – Teachers pay teachers is a site where educators can sell their lesson plans to other teachers.
  18. Refunds on stuff you buy – The Parabus app helps you find refunds on things you purchase on your shopping trips. They also find out if a price has dropped and file adjustment claims for you.
  19. Unused gift cards – You can sell your unused gift cards online. Cardpool boasts 92% cash back.
  20. Video viewing – Do you love to watch videos? Is Youtube one of your favorite sites? Get paid for all that screen time. Swagbucks pays members to watch certain videos.
  21. Be Healthy – Do you already have a Fitbit? Connect to AchieveMint and earn money for your healthy habits.
  22. Virtual Assistant – Check out Zirtual and get paid to check email, handle travel arrangements and do research for a small business all from the comfort of your own home.
  23. Mystery shopping – Visit Bestmark to find out how you can get paid by helping companies improve their customer service.
  24. Sell used printer cartridges – Tonerbuyer purchases used printer and toner cartridges. Get up to $22 per cartridge.
  25. Bookkeeping – Many people have found virtual bookkeeping to be a lucrative business.
  26. Forum Moderator – Do you visit forums? You may want to see if they have an opening for a moderator. Get paid for trolling your favorite online chat spot.
  27. Social Media – Did you know you can make money on social media? There are companies that pay you to put ads about their product on your social media accounts.
  28. Promote Amazon – You can become an Amazon Affiliate and get paid for placing ads about Amazon products that fit on your blog or website.
  29. Write an e-book – It is fairly easy to self-publish these days and sell ebooks. Visit Createspace or Lulu to find out more.
  30. Edit web content – Check out Upwork for positions requiring writers to update web content.
  31. Ebates – Sign up for Ebates and get cash back on many of your online purchases.
  32. Private Tutor – If you can tutor students for the SAT or to get their math skills up to grade why not start an online tutoring business? All you need is a website and a webcam.
  33. Data Entry – Check out Fiverr for online data entry positions.
  34. Rewards for going mobile – Neilson Mobile Panel rewards members with gift cards to stores like Target and Starbucks for allowing them to monitor your mobile activity.
  35. Share your opinions – 2020 Panel will pay you for your opinions in focus groups.
  36. Free Pizza – Trendsource pays you for rating pizza quality and delivery. It is fun to be paid for waiting for your pizza delivery to arrive.
  37. Yelp – Get paid here for writing reviews.
  38. Manage social media – It takes more than posting random photos but social media managing another way to make some income.
  39. Market researcher – Trendsource is just one of the many companies employing people to research different markets for them.
  40. Bing search – What search engine do you use? If you switch to Bing you can earn credits to use for gift cards.
  41. Leapforce – This company looks for online researchers. Leapforce advertises that their employees enjoy guaranteed pay, and the benefits of owning their own home business. Skip the commute, work from home.
  42. Mock trials – EJury pays people to be mock jurors. It allows an attorney to a “pre-try” before a case goes before a live courtroom. If you are a fan of courtroom dramas or even Judge Judy this may be a great opportunity for you to earn some cash.
  43. Translator – Do you speak several languages? Speaking multiple languages is a great skill. You can be hired to translate documents for various clients. Online translators are hired by Lionbridge.
  44. Pro Opinion – This another site where you get paid to take surveys.Their goal is to provide organizations with information about how consumers think. In return, you earn points that can be traded in for gift cards and cash. Make your opinion matter in more ways than one.
  45. More work from Amazon – Amazon needs people who can be the eyes on their page. Check out Amazon Mechanical Turk for another way to make money online with this internet giant. Amazon needs people to write product descriptions, choose photographs, or identifying performers on music CDs. You may find some unique ways to use your knowledge here.
  46. Shop – You can earn money every time you shop on the web with Inbox Dollars. You can also earn income by reading emails, watching videos, searching the web and completing surveys.
  47. Fix website mistakes – At Appen, you get paid to fix the errors that search engines make.
  48. Rent out clothing – If you have a closet full of lovely things you never wear you can make money renting them out. How about that collection of clothes that have been in your closet since college? Vintage clothing is often well sought after. Rent out that gown you will never wear again and free up some closet space. Look at RentNotBuy.
  49. Youtube – You can start your own Youtube channel and build your audience to the point where you can sell ad space on your channel. Some YouTubers have become internet superstars.
  50. Create an online course or membership site – It’s now easier than ever to create a website or blog of your own, with a built-in sales funnel for private course access or online coaching. Think about what you are great at and see if it’s something you can turn into a profitable side business.

In order to work online, you will probably need a computer with high-speed internet access, a telephone, email address, some creativity and your individual skills. It may take some clever thinking to discover how your experience and abilities can be marketed to online employers. Never pay for the opportunity to be an online freelance employee. There are scams out there that take advantage of people. The goal is for you to make money, not be charged with earning and using your skills.

Ask questions and verify what exactly an online employer is expecting. Miscommunication can sour any workplace relationship. Knowing ahead of time what you are agreeing to do will make online work less stressful.
Many online positions take persistence and putting in lots of time in the beginning. There may be a learning curve. Like any industry, you start out with low pay and increase your income over a period of time. You will build your online presence and experience. Remember, slow and steady wins the race and that applies to online jobs too.

Best Methods for Making Money Online in 2021

There are so many opportunities to make extra money or start a whole need career by working online. Imagine skipping the morning traffic and just heading to your computer with a cup of coffee instead. Perhaps you would love to work from your back deck or even the beach. Some people love working via the internet because it enables them to travel the world. That sounds like a dream come true for a certain personality. Be creative and test out different opportunities until you find the one that suits your situation best. Whatever your situation or motivation may be online employment can provide you with the extra income you require for a temporary job. Spending a few hours a week on the computer can provide some fun samples and extras in your life. It can also be the beginning of an entirely new career.

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