7 Reasons Why Every Blogger Should Use a VPN in 2021

In case you’ve been losing money in your online business for no plausible reason, it’s time to take a closer look at network security. The incessant stream of cyber crimes, hacks, data breaches, and scams necessitate stringent security systems for individuals and organizations at large.

Your online business, for instance, a blog, exposes you to the threat of online attacks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service can safeguard sensitive data to keep your enterprise safe from fraudsters lurking at every corner of the virtual world. 

Unless you are familiar with the concept, a VPN may seem like an unnecessary investment when you’re already struggling with funds. It’s time to get rid of the misconception that VPN services are necessary only if you’re a hacker or someone shady. The practicality of investing in VPN has garnered quite a fervent discussion among the blogger community.

For all of these reasons and more, we now have a list of why VPNs can become the most important bulwark between your business and a dangerous online attack. Read on the discover why and how to start using a VPN during your daily blogging and content creation efforts.

#1 What makes VPN so special? Your ultimate digital knight in shining armor

A VPN gives you much-needed anonymity and online privacy by creating your own private network within the mammoth public Internet connection. VPNs effectively conceal your Internet Protocol (IP) address so that your online activities remain virtually untraceable to threat actors. Most crucially, a VPN service establishes encrypted and secure connections to offer you even better privacy than your secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

As highlighted in this VPN reference guide, four of the most immediate and best reasons to start using a VPN are the secure communications put in place, being able to circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship, while also having global accessibility and total anonymity throughout your internet browsing and usage — all of which can play crucial roles and factors when trying to blog about different topics or from different locations throughout the world.

#2 VPN protects your privacy

The two primary functions of the VPN are data encryption and geo-spoofing. A VPN has a network of servers spread across the world. A VPN fundamentally encrypts the traffic of your business. VPN makes it unintelligible for snooping eyes trying to look into your activities. The real value of VPN lies in its power of data encryption. It adds an additional level of security to your Internet browsing. 

Some insist that investigative journalists, dissident bloggers in oppressive states, and extremists actually require a VPN. It is solely to protect their identities from totalitarian attacks. Many would disagree.

The main point of consternation is that not everyone can see what you’re doing online. Surveillance technology is readily available to every tech-literate person. Social media networks, Internet Service Provider (ISP), ad agencies, individual and state-sponsored hackers can explore your online activities. Many do it legally, some do not. Your ISP is entitled to even sell your precious data! If you’re not OK with zero privacy online, VPN is your foremost requirement.

#3 VPNs shield your admin credentials

You do not argue about setting a strong password in all your accounts. Rather, you would urge your fellow colleagues and family to ensure password safety. Similarly, VPN is a must-have to secure your blog. Enabling superior VPN encryption for your admin log-in is just as, if not more important, than setting up a strong password. 

Admin credential is frequently the first target in most Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) cyber-attacks. When a VPN encrypts them, it gets a reliable defense against illegal interception by multiple blog hijackers. 

#4 VPN keeps your content and downloads and uploads secure

For content creators, it is essential to have their content secure from outside threats. When you’re a blogger, your content is always under the threat of a theft. Hackers will have a field day stealing your work when you chose not to invest in a protective tool. A VPN provides you the much-needed anonymity on the Internet.

Not just content, your download, upload and browsing history are potential landmines. Your file exchange and transfers are equally vulnerable as your content. Whether you’re dealing with sensitive files or not, you certainly won’t want copyright trolls and script kiddies exploring your traffic or even doctoring it. VPN services effectively encrypts your data. It also hides your actual location and, in the process, safeguards your content and identity as you blog.

#5 VPN keeps your online transactions safe

The best part of blogging is money! Daily money transactions are the best and worst parts. The implicit danger of an unprotected network will leave all your financial transactions under threat.

Hackers are almost always looking for some easy cash. Your transactions and content are quite valuable. A VPN successfully crafts a solid circle of encryption for all your bank and vendor transactions. VPN is critical for secure monetary communications. 

#6 VPN helps you bypass censorship and firewalls

Your location can play spoilsport when you’re looking for expansive and unrestricted access to necessary information.   Think legal documents, scientific papers, statistics, books, music, movies and more. Many countries enforce draconian censorship at the ISP-level which can leave many of your research unfruitful. If you’re in a state where you’ll be most likely prevented from accessing your blog or from promoting it, VPN helps you circumnavigate such employer-imposed or ISP-imposed firewalls and censorship.

#7 VPN shelters your traffic on public Wi-Fi

Do you often need to rely on public wireless networks for accessing your blog? The threats multiply every time you expose your online activities and admin credentials on a public network. If you’ve never given this reckless task a second thought, it’s time you do it right now. It is definitely a bad idea as public Wi-Fi is home to hackers and unwarranted MITM attacks.

Through the use of a VPN, it allows the system in place to encrypt your web traffic from end to end. It shields your content and credentials when blogging from any unsecured network. VPNs also help you find location-restricted deals. Thankfully, they offer you interesting and many savings opportunities. VPN also offers stronger security when compared to any other protocols like PPTP. OpenVPN, an open-source software, supports all big operating systems. Lastly, a VPN solution can help you stay secure in a sea of the exposed, menacing online world. When choosing a VPN service, focus not just on prices but also the range of solutions offered. You must ensure the service to be of superior and reliable quality with caster connections.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Blog with a VPN

With more people using the internet for work and everything in between, it’s now more important than ever before to make sure your browsing habits are protecting your data. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of a reliable and financially feasible VPN service that can elevate the security of your online business and personal data.

No matter if you are blogging for fun, profit or for another agency or company, VPNs are indispensable tools for bloggers. Kick the year off in the right direction, by getting set up with a trusted and well-known VPN to keep your personal and business info protect day after day.

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