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If you are a fan of Warcraft and if you love playing Warcraft on a daily basis, you must think about taking a look at the top Warcraft blogs that exist on the internet. Then you will be able to learn more about the latest Warcraft games and movies that will be released. In addition to that, you can learn more about the favorite characters that you will come across in the game as well. Apart from these things, you will also be able to learn more details about how to take advantage at the time of playing Warcraft, so that you can win all the games.

Reviewing the Top Warcraft Websites and Blogs

We did a small research to discover the best blogs on Warcraft, which will be able to share all the above-mentioned details with you. Go ahead and take a look at 10 of the best blogs out of them as of 2020.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the largest blog available on the internet about Warcraft. That’s the main reason on why we included in the first place of blogs as well. You can learn almost everything about Warcraft by following this blog. In other words, the World of Warcraft blog shares details about news, guides and information on classes. In addition to that, you can also get details about raids and professions on Warcraft as well. The blog was set up in World of Warcraft and we believe that it will remain as the most popular blog on Warcraft for years to come.

2. Gnomecore

Gnomecore is a blog managed by Alexander Ostnin. He is a semi-casual World of Warcraft player. He is managing the blog based on the personal experiences that he has along with the game. In fact, the author of this blog has a strong addiction to goblins, gnomes and lore. Hence, you can expect to find lots of information being shared on them through the website. Along with that, you will be able to expose yourself to the thoughts that are shared by the author on this game. It is also important to note that Gnomecore blog is not getting updated on a daily basis. You can only expect to find one new blog post per week.

3. Countdown To Classic

Countdown To Classic is a podcast. If you like to listen to a blog that is related to World of Warcraft, this is the ideal option available for you to follow. When you are following the blog, you will be provided with the chance to learn lots of useful and informative content about World of Warcraft. Unlike many other blogs, Countdown To Classic blog is sharing information about gossip related to the game as well. Hence, you will be able to go through an interesting experience with the blog posts that are shared on this blog.

4. World Of Warcast

World Of Warcast is the very first podcast sharing blog that was launched with related to World of Warcraft. It is still sharing podcasts. Due to the same reason, you may consider World Of Warcast as the longest running blog with related to World of Warcraft as well. World Of Warcast was launched back in the year 2005. The podcasts released through World Of Warcast blog would take the visitors on a deep journey in the game. Along with that, you will be provided with the opportunity to receive an in-depth coverage about the game as well.

5. Grahran’s WoW Gold

If you are a player of World of Warcraft, you must be looking for useful and effective tips, which will be able to deliver assistance to you with progressing through the game. This is where you can think about following Grahran’s WoW Gold. This blog will be able to deliver all the support that you need to progress through the game and end up with receiving the results that you always wanted to receive. The main objective of Grahran’s WoW Gold blog is to help the followers to learn how to increase their gold balance within the game. The tips shared by the blog are effective and you can see how people have left positive ratings about the success rate associated with them.

6. Ravenholdt

Ravenholdt is one of the most resourceful blogs written on World of Warcraft. If you are interested in learning more about the game and getting the maximum experience offered out of it, Ravenholdt is the ultimate blog that you should follow. It focuses mainly on sharing news and guides that are related to the game. When you follow the content shared within the blog, players can get the opportunity to maximize the rogue experience that they receive. In fact, the authors of Ravenholdt are looking forward to collect the best rouge players around it.

7. Kaylriene

Kaylriene is a blog that is designed to share guides about World of Warcraft game with the players who are interested in getting their hands on them. When you want to proceed through the game, you will obviously have to seek the assistance of reliable guides. That’s because they can lead you in the correct direction. By following Kaylriene, you can discover all the best guides that are written about the game.

8. Your Quest Log is Full

Your Quest Log is Full is a blog on World of Warcraft, which is maintained by Brandon Matthews. He has been playing the game for more than 15 years. In fact, it was back in the year 2005 where Brandon Matthews started playing his very first World of Warcraft game. For more than 15 years, he has been a fan of the game. As a result, he knows everything about the game as well. Your Quest Log is Full is a blog managed by Brandon mainly to share the personal experiences that he has along with the game. The content shared through this blog is written on his own point of view. You can expect to find at least one new blog post being shared through this blog on a daily basis. The blog was initiated back in the year 2017.

9. Azerothian

Azerothian is a blog that is written and compiled by a World of Warcraft addict. Therefore, you will be able to go through the game from the viewpoint of an addict while you are reading through this blog. At the time of reading the blog, you will notice how the author is sharing lots of varied content through it. They include information about collecting, achievement casing, raiding mythics and many more. If you are also an addict of World of Warcraft game, you will immediately fall in love with the content that is being shared through Azerothian blog.

10. Alternate Image Gaming

Alternate Image Gaming is a relatively new blog that is on World of Warcraft. However, you can still find a decent volume of information being shared out of this blog. If you are interested in becoming a long player of the game, Alternate Image Gaming will be a good blog available for you to follow. That’s because the blog is being written by one of the longest players in the game.

Where to Find the Best Warcraft Blogs

Any person who has fallen in love with World of Warcraft should go through these blogs. Whether you are a new player or one from many years back, you will get impressed with the content shared on each of the WoW websites and blogs mentioned above!

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