Zutrix Review: Is it the Best SERP Tool Out There?

In many ways, when you think about SERPs, you may be looking to either improve or get started on ranking higher on Google or other search engines.

It becomes even more challenging over time since the competition for the same traffic type is also increasing.

It’s no longer about merely understanding how SERPs work and leveraging the information available, but it’s about taking it one step further. It’s about intelligently using the data available online to make informed decisions that will improve your SERPs position, especially Google. The only way to do this is to leverage tools that use AI to uncover better ways to rank at the top of the search engine.

One such tool may be the Zutrix SERP tool that uses AI-powered technology to enhance your SEO efforts. Yet, the question remains, is it the best tool out there for ranking at the top of Google for your site?

Let’s look at the Zutrix SERP tool in detail and find if it is the best tool out there for what you need to achieve for your site in terms of SEO. In this post, you’ll discover all the features that Zutrix has and be able to decide if this tool is the best one for your business.

Let’s start by reviewing how it ranks keywords and tracks them.

Intelligent Rank Tracking

Known as the world’s smartest Google Rank Tracker, you may wonder how it has this title. The main reason is due to a few essential differentiating factors that start with their intelligent dashboard.

The dashboard provides you with on-the-spot information related to the average change of your keywords loaded. You will also get details on the progress on the top 1, 3, 5, 10, or 100 positions in terms of your keywords chosen.

You’ll also find that you can look at this information for both desktop and mobile rankings, respectively.

To ensure you have the correct data reflected, it’s relatively simple to input your website URL, list it as a project, and then input the keywords you wish to track. Once done, all of this information populates, and the tool will pull up the keyword rankings.

You’re able to add multiple domains and track all keywords related to these domains. Additionally, within each domain, you can choose as many keywords as necessary to track and pull up your ranking according to your Google Search Console.

In terms of the date, you can go back up to 1 year and choose specific dates needed, including selecting the current day. This can then be filtered according to day, month, and year. Once done, it’s easy to spot any trends by looking at the graphical representation that populates on the right panel.

Additionally, you may be interested in finding out keywords based on location; that’s where Geo-targeted results come in handy. 

The dashboard is quite efficient and accurate because it uses a complex set of algorithms and methodologies to bring you the most effective results. The entire process for checking on your SERPs is that the designers have understood the core components of rank tracking and SEO and developed a brilliant assistant to do the heavy lifting.

The dashboard is indeed helpful, but the other features are also very useful in boosting the way you do SEO in your business. The next element that could be helpful is the Keyword Lab.

The Keyword Lab

The Keyword Lab sounds a lot like a place where you go to experiment, and there is perhaps some truth in that. In terms of the Zutrix Keyword Lab, expect to have the ability to analyze your desired keywords.

This is quickly done by checking on your Zutrix dashboard’s left panel and selecting the “keyword lab” section.

Once done, you’ll be taken to a screen that gives you many data points and sets you can undoubtedly make use of.

Here are all the statistics you will find:

  • Search Volume for each keyword chosen
  • The competition in terms of your keyword
  • How difficult it will be to win for that keyword
  • The domain authority for sites ranking high for the keywords chosen
  • The CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • SERP features
  • Live results page

Aside from the various statistics, there is also something known as a Z-rating. This is a metric designed by Zutrix, which includes calculating which domain should rank higher based on the keyword. The keyword lab is an ideal space for you to understand your site, the keywords, and the SERPS competitors so that you can take the next steps in enhancing your SEO.

That then brings us to the enhanced tracking and trending, which is not commonly practiced in other SEO tools.

Enhanced Tracking and Trending

Usually, when you use the Zutrix dashboard, it will ask you to create a project, and this is optional. This project could relate to your site as well. Once you do create a project, you can then start adding your competitor sites.

To add competitors, you have to activate this feature by clicking on the dashboard’s left panel and choosing “competitors.” This is quickly done by clicking the “add competitor” button, which will appear after your domain. The Zutrix algorithm then pulls up all of your competitors based on your domain.

Additionally, the tracking of the information doesn’t stop there; you will be able to get real-time notifications on your keyword rank on Google. Choose the notifications you receive via Telegram, slack, and email if your keyword rank improves or declines. This can be customized to specific triggers.

If you need to share the information, you can quickly pull up Zutrix reporting based on the keywords, domains, and other inputs like dates. This can then be saved and used at a later stage. More so, you can make it a regular activity by scheduling reports and using the white label integrations that are available.

You may be considering a few details around pricing, so let’s look at how the pricing tiers work next.

Plans and pricing

There are currently three pricing tiers, namely Basic, Standard, and Advanced. All offer different packages based on keywords tracked daily. Yet whichever plan you opt for, you will have access to unlimited domains, competitor tracking, the keyword lab, and advanced reporting.

To include further detail, the basic plan offers you the option to track 250 keywords, and the cost is $28, while the Standard plan offers 500 keywords tracked at the price of $54. The most advanced plan offers 1000 keywords tracked and will cost $99. As the most comprehensive plan, the Advanced plan is the only one that offers white label integrations in terms of reporting.

Final Thoughts on Zutrix

There are plenty of SERP tools out there at the moment. Yet the challenging part is finding one which can evaluate complex data and provide you with meaningful information you can act on to improve the SERPs for your website.

Many tools are complicated and challenging to navigate and provide incomplete information. As we have gone through the Zutrix SERP tool, the common theme is that, while it does offer many features that every standard SERP tool provides, there is one defining feature that sets it apart.

The defining feature is the AI-powered algorithms used to ensure that you have a wealth of information to improve your SERPs. Not only can you intuitively input keywords, but the information gleaned from those keywords can also be utilized immediately to improve how your site ranks against competitors. The easy-to-use dashboard right to the Keyword Lab is layered with user-friendly tools to make SEO as simple as possible.

Zutrix currently offers an opportunity to test the software before signing up for one of their paid plans, and you can get started by getting a free subscription. You won’t need to enter any credit card details, and the tools can be used immediately.

You’ll get the ability to track unlimited domains, as well as real-time notifications, an extensive and detailed dashboard, and the keyword lab. This is limited to 10 keyword checks and 10 on-demand updates daily, so please consider this when signing up.

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